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  1. Ordering & Delivery Of Our Restaurant Partitions
  2. Easy to Clean & Stay Sanitized
  3. Quality/High-Grade Material
  4. Brand-able & Customizable Partitions
  5. Built for Restaurants by Custom Restaurant Furniture Designers
  6. Ease of Use
  7. Future-Friendly & Good Investment For Restaurants
  8. Customer-Friendly
  9. Easy to Adapt to New Norm of Partitions
  10. Fits to Tables, Countertops, Bar Tops, Drink Rails, Stools, & Chairs


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Ordering & Delivery Of Our Restaurant Partitions

When it comes to ordering your new restaurant partitions, you might be overwhelmed with all the options and designs for your restaurant. Connect Partitions understands the current aesthetic you might have going on in your restaurant, cafe, bar, or any other dining space, which is why we try to make our designs sleek and elegant for you and your customers. We also strived to create our restaurant partitions with a lightweight material that makes ordering and delivering our partition easier than you think. 

Connect Partitions offers wholesale and bulk pricing, too. Depending on the size of your restaurant, multiple partitions will be needed for your waiting area, seating area, and bar area. We also offer free delivery! This perk will take your mind off another expense you might not have planned for your restaurant’s adjustments going into the future. 

If you still need to know more about restaurant partitions in general, our blog post, What Are Restaurant Partitions? 3 Things You Need To Know, is the perfect read.

Custom Floor Plans When Ordering

Sometimes it can be hard to determine how many of our plexiglass partitions you might need for your restaurant.  If your layout is on the smaller side, or perhaps even on the larger side where measuring a space can be difficult or stressful, Connect Partitions can help!  Connect Partitions offers a floor plan design service for partition and social distancing. Your restaurant can greatly benefit from this service, as we figure out the best floor plan to maximize your table and chair count, while making sure your footpaths and walkways stay clear and organized for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. 

Since our restaurant partitions are made from a thin, yet high grade and durable, plexiglass material, we are able to maximize your table and chair count, while adhering to social distancing guidelines and regulations. Check out our blog post, Floor Plan Design Services For Your Soon-To-Be Partitioned Restaurant, to continue learning about our detailed service.

Located Across The Nation

Connect Partitions are available from coast to coast – you can order our restaurant partitions and get delivery services from anywhere in the United States. Whether you own a restaurant chain or fast food business in Los Angeles or a small cafe or dive bar on the east coast, Connect Partitions has you covered. Lead time takes approximately two weeks, as well. So order today to have your restaurant, cafe, or bar reopen in style and safeness. 

Reopen Your Restaurant with Restaurant Partitions

Easy To Clean & Stay Sanitized

Our restaurant partitions are made from a very durable, yet super lightweight, plexiglass material. This makes them highly effective and efficient for your restaurant or bar. Since they are also made out of a clear material similar to plastic, they’re easy to clean and to see where any spots may be on them. This can leave you and your customers at ease, knowing that they are in a sanitized place with high quality partitions. 

Connect Partitions also coats all our restaurant partitions in a AR MR coating. AR coating is an antireflection coating, while MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both these coats improve durability against sun damage and prevent scratching as a result of being cleaned and sanitized with harsh cleaning supplies and chemicals, such as bleach. Our restaurant partitions are meant for the food industry because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface. The metal frame that’s standard on all our restaurant partitions is made of powder coated steel, which will not rust and is also very easy to clean with any type of soft or harsh cleaning products or disinfectant.

cleaning restaurant partitions

We Are Not A Sneeze Guard, But A Sanitizable Plexiglass Divider

“Sneeze guards” can be made out of heavier types of material that can attract more bacteria and germs over time without proper cleaning and treatment. And the name of them tells that story. Some people call them “splash guards,” as well.  When Connect Partitions developed our restaurant plexiglass dividers, we wanted to ensure restaurant owners that our material and design was one of the best they could offer in their dining space. 

With proper cleaning and treatment, you can expect your restaurant partitions to benefit both the safety and cleanliness of your restaurant. Reopening can be hard, but make it easy with our sanitary restaurant partitions, and not your average sneeze or splash guard.

Want to keep learning about “sneeze guards?” Check out our blog post, Invest in Plexiglass Partitions, Not Sneeze Guards, now.

Quality & High Grade Material

Connect Partitions didn’t want to create just a normal, bland partition. Our restaurant partitions are particularly crafted and designed with quality and high grade material to suit the high standards of your restaurant. Connect Partitions’ choice of high grade plexiglass material and design comes together to create a modern and up-to-date version of your typical partitions. Except ours are more durable, made from the highest quality acrylic, and easy for your restaurant to adapt to.

Commercial Grade Plexiglass Partitions

When you think of plexiglass, we don’t want you to think of the thick 3M plexiglass that you would normally see at gas station posts. Our restaurant partitions are made from a type of acrylic that is thin, yet durable, to withstand the movement and busyness of your restaurant or bar. 

Depending on the set up of your restaurant or dining place, we offer high quality, commercial grade plexiglass partitions that are easy to set up with tables, chairs, booths, benches, bar tops, and even banquettes. 

plexiglass partitions


Our restaurant partitions can be used one divider at a time, which are 4 feet by 6 feet, or several of our partitions can be easily assembled to create a larger partition, as well.  The frame of our restaurant table partitions has magnets incorporated into the structure for seamless assembly of multiple partitions. For bench, booth, and banquette partitions, we incorporated a bracket that screws directly and easily into any wall. The restaurant partition then attaches to the bracket through our already incorporated magnets

Connect Partitions wants to make sure reopening goes smoothly for your business, so we custom built our restaurant partitions to ensure this was possible.

Brand-able & Customizable Partitions

When you open a restaurant for the first time, you usually have a specific theme or look you’re trying to achieve. With Connect Partitions, we want to make sure you continue to achieve your aesthetics through our restaurant partitions.  That’s why we created the option to brand or customize your partitions!custom partitions

Connect Partitions offers many different types of themes for your restaurant partitions. You can maintain social distancing in an efficient and effective way, while also allowing your customers some peace of mind with a design-forward, sophisticated look. You can choose from a variety of different patterns to fit your restaurant’s environment, but if that’s enough for you, you can also brand your partitions. Add your logo or brand name to give your restaurant partitions the look that they are meant to be in your restaurant.

The multiple ways you can customize your restaurant partitions allows you to achieve effectiveness and awareness of social distancing while also bringing on a look that’s less obtrusive and more inviting.

Built for Restaurants by Custom Restaurant Furniture Designers

Connect Partitions is based here in the United States and makes great efforts to bring restaurants the success they want to see across the nation. 

Our restaurant partitions are handcrafted by an eclectic mix of woods craftsmen, metal fabricators, fine artists and designers.  Our common goal is all working together to create stunning furniture and commercial art for your restaurant, cafe, bar, brewerie, vineyard, or any other special type of dining area. Not only are our restaurant partitions custom built just for your restaurant, but our furniture designers strive to bring you a custom look that you just can’t find with other partition producers. We want your restaurant to feel like your restaurant, and not just have partitions dividing everyone up into sections while they try to relax. Our partitions are meant to bring crowds and parties together with their elegant designs, customizability.

Made For Different Restaurant Styles

Not only does Connect Partitions just focus on your average restaurant, but we wanted to make sure we designed an array of restaurant partitions so nobody was left out. Our plexiglass partitions are meant for any type of dining space, including fast food and chain restaurants, family style restaurants, fine dining, cafes, bars, and much more!

Our durable, plexiglass partitions built by our unique furniture designers broadened our partition catalog to make sure they fit in your style of space, no matter the size or interior design. 

  • Fast Food & Chain Restaurants

Connect Partitions makes it easy for your fast food or chain style restaurant to adapt to the new norm of using plexiglass partitions. With our bulk ordering option available across the nation, you can make sure all your dining areas are safe, sanitized, and protected for each and every one of your staff and customers. 

  • Cafes

If you own a smaller dining area, such as a cafe, our durable plexiglass is sure to fit your space. Connect Partitions’ furniture designers crafted our partitions to fit in a space of any size, big or small. So if you need every ounce of business coming through your cafe doors, our partitions are sure to fit and adhere to the new guidelines of social distancing and similar practices.

  • Fine Dining

Plexiglass partitions and room dividers might not seem very elegant for your fine dining restaurant, but our furniture designed crafted our restaurant partitions in such a way to make them fit into your fine dining restaurant without ruining your atmosphere. With sleek designs to choose from, thin frames, and lightweight, but durable material, our restaurant partitions can blend into your fine dining space without a doubt. 

  • Family Style Restaurants

Our furniture designers want even family style restaurants to have fun with our partitions. Depending on what your aesthetics are or indoor/outdoor environment, our family style partitions can make your restaurant pop even more. Choose from several designs that can add that extra layer of style to please your family crowds. Check out our designs here!


Connect Partitions will even visit your restaurant’s location prior to your purchase to ensure our partitions will fit in the space that you need them in. Our furniture designers take pride in the work they build to bring restaurants from coast to coast the success they want to see.

Ease of Use

Connect Partitions makes restaurant life much easier when it comes to reopening. We made our restaurant partitions so much easier to use within your space, whether it is a small cafe or a large chain restaurant. Our patent-pending restaurant partitions can be easily placed between and even around tabes, booths, benches, bar and bar tops, and counters. We want to assure you and your restaurant there are no limitations when it comes to our partitions.

Our restaurant partitions are custom built to be lightweight, easy to use and move around a tight or spacious restaurant area, and can easily be put together to extend your partition dividing walls depending on your restaurant’s setup. 

Connect Partitions also makes our restaurant partitions available to use for just about any seating arrangement or floor plan. They have durable caster wheels welded to one side of the partition base for easy moving.  These wheels are inset to reduce tripping hazards for your customers and employees and have a low profile of two inches, which meets egress requirements. In addition, their position on the base of the divider is so that the wheels are only engaged when the frame is tilted to approximately 20-30 degrees. We want to make reopening a breeze for you, so invest in our restaurant partitions today. 

Since our restaurant partitions are that mobile and accessible, you can plan to have your restaurant set up and meet the pandemic’s guidelines within minutes. If you own a restaurant where you might be losing business due to shared table tops and benches between different parties, our mobile restaurant partitions make it easy to wheel in a divider and separate groups of people fast and efficiently. They’re so efficient and mobile, anyone in your restaurant is able to move them!  This will give customers some peace of mind, as well as the privacy to enjoy their meal and drinks with a beautiful divider. 

Check out Connect Partitions’ blog post, 5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Mobile Partitions, to educate yourself more on mobile partitions.

Future-Friendly & Good Investment For Restaurants

Partitions, room separators, and dividers are going to be a product you will see in many places going into the far future. Connect Partitions knows the severity of staying safe, sanitized, and healthy at all costs, and we want to help your restaurant go down that path, as well. This will be an investment your restaurant will benefit from in the long run, not just during COVID19 and its aftermath months.

Our restaurant partitions are meant to be future-friendly. When we say this, we mean you won’t just have these partitions coming and going in your restaurant, but rather have them become a part of your restaurant. That’s why when you order our restaurant partitions, picking out a design should be one of the most important items on your checklist at that moment. We want you to pick a design or customize our partitions in such a way that it makes your restaurant still feel like your restaurant. Don’t pick just any partition that’s drab, thick, and aggressive looking for your restaurant. Connect Partitions is all about comfort, safety, and effectiveness. Your restaurant can stay protected inside and out with our sleek and efficient restaurant partitions. 

They are also a perfect investment that you won’t regret at the end of the day. Like we mentioned before, partitions will be a part of the restaurant and bar industry for many months to come and might even become the new norm in society. Don’t be the restaurant that requires face masks and obstructive products for your customers – invest in our restaurant partitions to keep your crowds at the door and your business flourishing like before.

Customer Friendly

Connect Partitions doesn’t just consider restaurant owners and workers when we were designing our partitions, but rather its customers, as well. We understand that customers are what keeps your doors open. When you have a customer friendly restaurant, you’re set up for success. Our restaurant partition products make that possible, as well. 

Unlike most other partitions, our restaurant partitions are designed in such a way that can actually catch the attention of your customers in a positive way. They’re sleek, elegant, adaptable, and actually will give your restaurant a new touch.

Our plexiglass partitions and their unobtrusive look and feel, unlike most bulky and unwelcoming partitions, are transparent, light weight, effective, and elegant. Make your daily customers and even new customers wonder if they should invest in Connect Partitions plexiglass partitions, as well. You can learn more about our plexiglass partitions and why they are the best fit for your restaurant in our blog post, 5 Benefits Of How Plexiglass Partitions Can Help Your Restaurant.

Since our partition and its material are also very highly customizable, they’re easy on the eye for each and every one of your customers. Your customers won’t be wondering if you bought these for the aftermath of the situation when they look like they were always an additional touch to your restaurant’s interior design.

They are also customer friendly in the way they look. Being transparent and lightweight plexiglass, they’re easy to communicate through and see around the restaurant’s atmosphere. Our restaurant partitions are meant to blend into any type of ambiance or atmosphere, while also bringing positive attention to those who sit next to them. 

Easy to Adapt to New Norm of Partitions

Partitions and dividers can seem like a thing of the past… until today. Sometimes change can  be a good thing; with partitions becoming the new normal, it might seem a little strange at first. So start your restaurant or cafe off again on the right foot with our functional and elegant partitions. You can make these partitions of the past a new sleek and effective product of the future. 

Keeping People Safe in an Adaptable Way

Connect Partitions main goal is to keep people safe, secure, and with peace of mind. Not only do our partitions serve those needs, but they also maintain social distancing in an adaptable way that might not seem possible with an item such as partitions

Connect Partitions designs its partitions to look elegant and stay efficient and effective- nothing like a usual partition at all. With all the designs and customizable options you can bring to your partition, it’s almost like a partition isn’t even between you and your customers. Our high grade plexiglass material, designs, patterns, and durability make adapting to the new rules and regulations of society much easier than you might have anticipated. 

adapt to plexiglass partitions

Partitions for the Long Run

Partitions, social distancing, and masks aren’t going to be around for just a few months, so make the change easy and quickly adaptable with our food truck partitions.

Lastly, our partitions are made out of a high grade material, are easy to move around and handle for any individual, and can display a look that makes adapting much easier in society.  Overall, our table partitions serve a purpose (and a look) that’s highly flexible and accommodating at the same time.

Check out our blog post, Keep Your Food Truck Sanitized & Safe For You & Your Customers With Plexiglass Partitions, to read more about our food truck partitions.

Fits to Tables, Countertops, Bar Tops, Drink Rails, Stools, & Chairs

Our mobile plexiglass partitions are made to fit in almost any type of industry. Connect Partitions knew restaurants were going to get hit the hardest, so we made sure our partitions fit in any type of dining area, including tables, countertops, bar tops, drink rails, stools, chairs, and much more.  Anywhere there is a public dining area that you need to be safe and protected in, our mobile partitions got you covered, literally!


Some restaurants are exclusively tables. This can hurt a business especially if social distancing is the only way they are going to comply with the rules and regulations of these new reopening phases. Fortunately, our table partitions make it easy to keep all your tables open and available throughout your daily hours. No need to remove a table here and there, or every six feet apart. Connect Partitions has table options that make it so much easier and beneficial for both you and your customers to feel safe and stay safe. 

At Connect Partitions, we want to make sure you are fully educated in our plexiglass partitions. Visit our blog post, Sleek, Stylish, & Functional Table Partitions For Your Restaurant, to learn more about table and tabletop partitions.

Counter Tops

Our restaurant partitions can also be fitted on counter tops, whether it be in the bar area, the kitchen, or on tables.  Connect Partitions has a wide variety of restaurant partitions to choose from that your restaurant sure could use for its many in and out customers. 

Bars and Bar Tops

With summer right around the corner, your customers will be itching to come back to your bar to enjoy an ice cold beer on tap. Our restaurant partitions can fit between bar stools, through bar tops, and much more. Depending on the style of your restaurant and how many bar or bar top partitions you may need, Connect Partitions has you covered. With guidelines changing weekly at this point, bar tops and bar areas may have different restrictions for reopening those designated areas. Massachusetts, for example, requires parties to have protective barriers in place while still adhering to the six foot social distance rule. Please check your state or local guidelines for restaurants before purchasing our bar or counter top partitions. 

Read more about our bar and bar top partitions in our blog post, The 4 Pros of Bar Top & Countertop Partitions For Your Business.

Booths and Benches

Most restaurants have some type of booths or benches for its customers. Whether they are shared with other parties or are just close together due to space restrictions within your restaurant, Connect Partitions wants you to know we can help with this issue.   

Our partitions are easy to maneuver between tables, booths, benches, and chairs. Not only do they offer a sense of privacy between groups or parties, but they also offer a sense of security and safeness you won’t find anywhere else. 

Stools & Chairs

Sometimes in restaurants and bars, stools and chairs aren’t moveable and bolted down to the floor for safety. Fortunately, we’ve created our mobile partitions to fit around such obstacles in your restaurant or bar. If your chairs and stools are moveable, we’ve still created our partitions to be fitted around them. This ensures that your customers are comfortable, safe, and at ease.


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