3 Reasons to Invest In Personal Safety Partitions

Connect Partitions makes our products for many reasons, but one of our top reasons includes your employees’ and customers’ personal safety. 

1.) Maintain Social Distancing in an Adaptable Way

Sometimes change can be a good thing for your restaurant, but with partitions becoming the new normal, it might seem a little strange at first. So start your restaurant off again on the right foot with our functionable and elegant partitions that can keep up with the personal safety of everyone inside or outside your restaurant. 

Connect Partitions main goal is to keep people safe, secure, and with peace of mind. Not only do our partitions serve those needs, but they also maintain social distancing in an adaptable way that might not seem possible with an item, such as partitions. Most people think of them as bulky and unnecessary. But ours are designed to combat germs, add a layer of sophistication and not obstructiveness, and to add a sense of personal safety for each individual dining or being served in your space.

Our partitions are made out of a high grade material, are easy to move around and handle for any individual, and can display a look that makes adapting much easier in society.  Overall, our table partitions serve a purpose (and a look) that’s highly flexible and accommodating at the same time. 

2.) Keep The Modern Restaurant Feel With Personal Safety Partitions

When you have to invest in something due to modern circumstances, invest in a modern product. We understand that restaurant partitions aren’t the first product you’ll want to showcase in your newly reopened restaurant, but we make it easy with our sleek designs and modern appearance, all the while serving one purpose – creating personal safety for each of your customers and staff members. 

Connect Partitions offers table partitions that are modern and contemporary to fit into any environment, atmosphere, or ambiance with ease. Not only do they look great, but they also protect your guests in a modern way. Our partitions are made to fit just about any type of table space. Use one frame at a time or several at once to create a longer divider depending on your dining area’s dimensions or size. The frame of the divider has magnets incorporated into the structure of each partition for seamless assembly of multiple units. Connect Partitions makes life easy for you – adjust to the new norm today with our unbeatable table partitions. 

3.) Best Investment You Could Make for the Future To Come

Although it’s not something we all want to think about, room dividers and separators are going to be a part of the restaurant industry for the future to come. When you invest in our restaurant partitions for the personal safety of every single one of your guests or parties, you’re investing in their happiness, too.  

Our partitions can serve more purposes than simply just customer and staff’s personal safety. They will also fit the aesthetics of your restaurant. Most customers will forget their valuable advantages when their look is one of a kind. Invest in our restaurant partitions to bring another layer of interior or exterior décor to your dining space. Learn more in our other educational read, 10 Things You Must Know About Restaurant Partitions. 

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