3 Ways to Maximize Restaurant Seating With Partitions


Guidelines are in place by just about every state at this point. Our plexiglass partitions can increase and enhance restaurants’ indoor seating arrangements easily.

Our vast line of products make reopening restaurants a breeze. They’re easy to move around, unlike other heavy, obtrusive partitions on the market. Connect Partitions’ products are in an AR MR coating, which means they are antireflective and highly resistant to small and deep scratches. With the frames in a standard powdered steel layer, nothing can beat our durable partitions for restaurants. 

1.) Bar Top Partitions

Like we mentioned before, our protective bar top and counter top barriers can maximize your indoor seating even more than you think. Connect Partitions specializes here in Massachusetts and we know our guidelines are very extensive, which is why we want to make sure to adhere to all of them.  Our state required that everyone must be seated in a restaurant, which means no standing or waiting around in common areas, such as bars or lounges. For restaurants located anywhere, bars can bring in a lot of profit not just for their drinks, but the additional counter space for patrons. 

Just like our table, booth, and banquette partitions, these bar top dividers are easy to maneuver between seated parties, as well as durable and transparent for maximum effectiveness. Our bar top and counter top partitions are an easy way for restaurants here to maximize their indoor seating, as well as adhere to strict state guidelines. Although for bars, here in Massachusetts, social distancing between parties must remain six feet apart even with partitions, it’s one way to definitely increase bar counter top space at all. 

Window and Door Recommendations

One recommendation by the state of Massachusetts suggests keeping windows and doors open to increase the chance of airflow. This can decrease the amount of germs within a restaurant’s space. Some restaurants in cities around Massachusetts, including Boston, are taking advantage of their floor to ceiling windows. By keeping these open during their hours, airflow is able to circulate. This keeps customers and staff less prone to catching anything.  A lot of restaurants in the city are also limited on square footage, which makes our products more desirable for smaller sized restaurants to keep their doors open. We strive to maximize restaurants’ capacities. This is why we make most of our products to accommodate indoor areas.

2.) Table, Booth, & Bench Partitions

Our other products include table, booth, bench, and even banquette partitions custom designed for restaurants. Restaurants can maximize their indoor seating with these products, as well. They’re not obtrusive, and easy to maneuver in a tight space if necessary. Connect Partitions wants to make sure restaurants around the nation take advantage of all of our products.  We can increase your daily customer count by more than half the capacity you are currently operating at. 

3.) Floor Design Plans to Maximize Space Even More

Ever wonder how a restaurant or business would come up with a floor plan for our partitions? It can be hard for any owner or manager to figure out the placement of our products their space, which is why we offer floor design plans.

By having our experts come directly to their business of operation, we’ll be able to determine the most efficient and effective placement of our products. We take many serious factors into consideration, including walkways, exits and entrances, footpaths, and much more. Our experts make sure there are no obstructions with our plexiglass walls, while adhering to their state’s social distancing guidelines for restaurants or businesses. 

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Connect Partitions wants you to know all there is about restaurant partitions. Read more about the Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions.

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