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Connect Partitions Reacts to COVID-19

As a reaction to COVID-19, Connect Partitions is stepping up their game and wants to be there for when restaurants are ready to open and provide peace of mind for their staff and customers.

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Stay Safe & Protected Through the COVID-19 Outbreak

As restaurants, cafes, bars, and other dining industries start to reopen across the country, Connect Partitions wants to be a part of helping reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our partitions are made from the highest quality commercial grade plexiglass material, which will help maintain your restaurant’s standards. Our restaurant partitions are also available in many shapes and sizes, making it easy to provide peace of mind for:

  • Your staff members
  • Your chefs and cooks
  • Your bartenders
  • Your clientele and customers

Connect Partitions also offers expedited shipping for all orders in the United States. We know the coronavirus has obstructed the dining industry and its surrounding communities, but we want to make the transition easy for you. Don’t wait weeks on end for your average room dividers – get your durable, high grade plexiglass restaurant partitions through us fast and seamlessly!

Expedited Shipping for Restaurants in the USA

Easy to Clean & Keep Clean

Our restaurant partitions are also easy to clean and stay clean for extended periods of time to help reduce the risk and spread of the coronavirus.

Don’t worry about smudge marks, finger prints, food or drink splatters, and germs on our restaurant partitions, as they are made from high grade acrylic that are easy to clean and also maintain their transparency and cleanliness in between sanitization.

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COVID-19’s Lasting Impact

The coronavirus and its dramatic trail its leaving behind won’t have you double guessing our restaurant partitions. We expect the dining industry to benefit from restaurant partitions into the far future.

When you invest in Connect Partitions and our products, you can expect high quality dividers that will last a lifetime.

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