Countertop Plexiglass Partitions – Create More Safe Space In Restaurants

countertop plexiglass partitions

The harsh reality that restaurants have to face in today’s society is almost unrealistic. If you have been to a restaurant lately, chances are tables are spread out, tables might be blocked off, and there are more people getting takeout compared to dining in. Times have changed, but we don’t want you to change your restaurant’s dining room anymore. Our countertop plexiglass partitions can help make more safe space in your restaurant today.

Countertop Plexiglass Partitions = More Safe Space

Although it might be hard to imagine your bar reopening anytime soon, there are some parts of the nation that have more lenient guidelines when it comes to bar and countertop areas within restaurants.  

Our countertop partitions are one way restaurants are continuing to serve customers at a higher capacity. We know that booths and tables are where most people are being served. But countertops can also be taken advantage of. There was a time period where bar seating was just starting to reopen in Massachusetts as long as people were six feet from one another and plexiglass partitions were in place. Although this didn’t last for long as we went back in a phase, there was a short time where restaurants could be profitable at the bar again. 

If you state allows seating at countertops, you should be taking advantage of it! More people are likely to order a drink at the bar area, which is why when you reopen it safely, you have a better chance at increasing your daily profitability. 

It might sound silly, but Connect Partitions makes its products for a reason. We want restaurants to be a safe space again. Restaurants are where friends and family can escape to enjoy new conversations and new experiences. When you invest in countertop plexiglass partitions, you are creating the safest indoor environment for your patrons. 

Great Investment

End result, don’t skimp out on partitioning any part of your restaurant! We do offer table and booth partitions. But our countertop partitions are where you can really make all the difference in your restaurant. Show your customers you are on top of your safety protocol and make them feel comfortable in a very vulnerable environment.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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