Durable Plexiglass Barriers – Keep Your Restaurant Protected Always

durable plexiglass barriers

With the pandemic making an exit now as vaccines roll out across the world, restaurants are starting to be a fun place to go to again. If we back it up a year, restaurants were among the first businesses to close their doors because of their naturally vulnerable environment to catch airborne germs. Well, our durable plexiglass barriers are a solution for restaurant safety now. Learn how they can benefit your restaurant today.

Accommodating & Not Unobtrusive 

Our durable plexiglass barriers are highly accommodating to customers and employees. But how? This concept might seem hard to wrap your head around the fact that they aren’t like usual partitions – bulky and obtrusive. Ours are modern, sleek, lightweight, and customizable.

Keep your restaurant’s spirits in high hope with our durable plexiglass barriers. Unlike most bulky partitions that are unwelcoming, our plexiglass partitions are transparent, light weight, and elegant, and serve a purpose – protecting your customers and staff from airborne germs.  This will be an investment your restaurant  will benefit from in the long run, not just during COVID-19 and its aftermath months. 

Follow Standard Restaurant Guidelines with Our Durable Plexiglass Barriers

Connect Partitions is headquartered in Massachusetts, where restaurants were closed early on and are still serving at a lower capacity. Other states have been opening up to their customers at higher volumes as long as they have certain protocols in place. 

At Connect Partitions, we partner mainly with restaurants. That’s why we optimize our products for the dining industry. In Massachusetts, we know what the coronavirus can do to restaurants. When we were hit with the brutally cold months of winter, it was even harder for restaurants to open indoor dining knowing that they wouldn’t be profitable serving at 30% capacity. Seating was limited, but now days are brighter. Massachusetts allows tables to be closer than six feet together if there is a non-porous barrier, such as durable plexiglass barriers, dividing them. At this point, social distancing can almost be “replaced,” in a sense, with our partitions. 

Please check with your state or local guidelines for the most updated safety measures for your restaurant.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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Reopen safely and efficiently in New England! Learn more with our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions e-book.

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