How Partition Systems Create More Open Tables In Restaurants

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Connect Partitions has been serving the restaurant industry all throughout the pandemic. The coronavirus was the last thing we were expecting here in the United States. But during a time of such uncertainty, Connect Partitions wants to continue to make restaurants a safe environment for all. Our partition systems can help you create more open tables in your restaurant. 

Create More Safe Space

Our partitions systems allow your restaurant to reopen tables, booths, and countertops efficiently and safely. We design our partitions to fit virtually any surface. This means you can invest in table, booth, banquette, bar top, countertop, and outdoor drink rail partitions to keep every inch of your restaurant safe to dine in. 

Although social distancing parties might be a requirement in your state, there are many areas where a nonporous barrier, such as plexiglass partitions, can be used as a replacement.  In Massachusetts, where we have gone back in safety “phases” many times, restaurants are still able to seat customers within six feet of each other as long as they have a barrier between them. We are fortunate enough to say that we have saved restaurants from closing their doors permanently because of our partitions systems. 

Floor Planning For Our Partition Systems

Sometimes it can be hard to determine how many of our plexiglass partitions you might need for your restaurant.  Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, which is why it’s important to measure your space accurately. We also offer floor plan design services that allow our experts to come to your restaurants, no matter where you are located, to help you accurately and efficiently determine how many partitions you need to reopen to maximum capacity. 

You can greatly benefit from this service, as we figure out the best floor plan to maximize your table and chair count, or any other space you need to maximize while making sure your footpaths and walkways stay clear and organized for the most beneficial, effective, and efficient business going forward.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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