How To Reopen Your Bar Seating With Our Bar Top Partitions

bar top partitions

Unfortunately, there are many states where bar seating was banned, then reopened, then banned again. This can be frustrating for the average business owner because of how much service comes from the bar.  Some states are lucky, though. Bar seating is still available for paying patrons who are looking for a drink and a meal in a high-top area. Our bar top partitions, whether they are required for safety protocol or not, will keep your bar area the safest it can be. 

Can Be Used For Bar or Countertops

Although it’s winter, ice cold beer doesn’t sound as good as it does on a hot summer day. But since bars have been closed for quite some time now, everybody is itching to come back and enjoy the bar area with their friends and family. 

Our bar top partitions, as well as countertop partitions, can fit between bar stools, through bar tops, and much more. Depending on the style of your restaurant and how many bar or bar top partitions you may need, Connect Partitions has you covered.  

Our bar top partitions can also be fitted on counter tops, whether it be in the bar area, the kitchen, or on tables.  Connect Partitions has a wide variety of partitions to choose from that your restaurant sure could use for its many in and out customers.

Lightweight Material 

Our partitions are made out of a lightweight plexiglass material that is easy to move and adjust on a countertop. In your bar or restaurant, take advantage of our lightweight countertop partitions. They can help separate a party of people in the matter of seconds. Also, people at a bar are usually always coming and going at any time. With the lightweight material we use for our plexiglass partitions, you can move them around and customize the bar seating arrangement for the next party of people coming in to grab a drink. Connect Partitions makes the bar and restaurant life as easy as it could be with our lightweight partitions. 

Bar Top Partitions That Are Easy To Communicate Through

Being at a bar or high countertop is already tricky enough when trying to get a bartender’s attention. Our partitions make that struggle a little easier. Unlike the usual bulky and nontransparent partitions, ours are a special transparent plexiglass that makes visibility still clear as day. You can also still talk to other people around you, and through the partition, with ease.  That’s why investing our partitions is the right move for your restaurant in today’s society. We want your daily customers back just as bad as you do!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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