Outdoor Drink Rails – Stay Social & Safe at Your Restaurant

outdoor drink rails

Besides crafting indoor restaurant partitions, we also specialize in keeping your outdoor seating safe, too.  Although our products can be used in just about any environment, we created a product that was designed for the outdoors. Our outdoor drink rails can be used in many ways. But mostly, you can keep your customers social, yet safe, at your restaurant with these!

Stay Social

Our outdoor drink rails allow customers to stay social in the best environment there is in the summer – the patio section!  These partitions are crafted from powder-coated black steel for the base and a mahogany shelf that allows customers to sit and relax with their drink on top. 

Attracting customers to your restaurant will never be easier than this. We know that partitions can give off a vibe that is totally uninviting to your restaurant. But Connect Partitions took into consideration the marketing side behind our partitions. Our outdoor drink rails are attractive, inviting, and offer great curb appeal! 

These drink rails will amp up your outdoor patio while keeping your customers social with one another in a safe dining environment. 

Stay Safe

Connect Partitions optimizes its outdoor drink rails particularly for restaurant patios. As we mentioned before, they offer safety and curb appeal. Those aren’t two features you usually get with safety partitions. 

To offer protection, we craft them a certain length and height that allows customers to stay socially distanced from one another. Our drink rail partitions are almost 7 feet in length and 2 feet wide in width. Because the structure is rather slim, you can place these throughout your patio without taking up much space. We know tables, where dining customers are seated, is where the money is. While drink rails are more for a social, quick drink, they offer protection in more ways than you think. These outdoor partitions can separate groups of people with ease while they sip on their drink in peace. With summer around the corner, it’s time to get your hands on these drink rails before they run out this season!

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