Plexiglass Privacy Screens – Stay Safe, Yet Private While Dining

Plexiglass Privacy Screens

Are you adamant about using plexiglass dividers in your restaurant? We know what you’re thinking. They might take away from your atmosphere and create an obstructive layout. But we want to be honest with you. Our plexiglass privacy screens are more than just a protective barrier between parties. They offer a private atmosphere for your diners. With Connect Partitions, you can stay divided, yet connected. 

Plexiglass Privacy Screens that Fit Right In

Our partitions fit on any surface within your restaurant. We design products for bar and countertops, booths and benches, banquettes, and tables. They are all made from an durable acrylic screen and powder-coated steel base and frame. Because of the materials we use to craft them, they offer a high level of transparency. This helps your customers feel safe, yet protected with their own personal privacy screen. 

Highly Customizable

Don’t let their transparency fool you. Although they are clear, they can be personalized to fit into your restaurant. Connect Partitions offers custom branding, logos, and patterns. This helps ease the personal protective equipment vibe that plexiglass partitions give off. It’s hard to find a plexiglass privacy screen that offers what we offer. Between privacy, transparency, durability, and personalization, we aren’t sure what the best feature is!  We’ll leave that up to you to decide. We want your restaurant to still feel like a restaurant at the end of the day. That’s why we offer customization options that you won’t find anywhere else.  

Future-Friendly Investment For Your Restaurant 

Plexiglass privacy screens for restaurants are going to be a product you will see going into the far future. Connect Partitions knows the severity of staying safe and protected at all costs when it comes to the dining industry. Restaurants are an environment that was considered highly vulnerable at the beginning of the pandemic. And a year later, they are still being looked down upon when it comes to dining indoors. That’s why it is vital to partner with Connect Partitions.  This will be an investment your restaurant will benefit from in the long run.  Not just during the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath months to come.

Our plexiglass privacy screens are future-friendly. When we say this, we mean you won’t just have these protective screens coming and going in your restaurant, but rather have them become a part of your restaurant. Don’t pick just any partition that’s drab, thick, and aggressive looking for your business. Connect Partitions is all about comfort, safety, and effectiveness. Your restaurant can stay protected inside and out with our sleek, yet durable and effective plexiglass privacy screens

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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