Portable Partitions – Make Reopening Your Restaurant Easier

portable partitions

Connect Partitions strives to make our products easy for restaurants to utilize when it comes to reopening. During these stressful phases, restaurants will need to organize their interior and exterior dining area in a certain way. This is to allow customers to socially distance. Our portable partitions are made to decrease the 6 foot social distance guideline. They can also be constantly moved in the restaurant for higher efficiency.

Portable Partitions for Constantly Changing Layouts

Our portable partitions can constantly move throughout a dining area with ease. With the coronavirus phases and strict guidelines put in place by every state, our products are in high demand for the restaurant industry. We understand the need for partitions more than ever now. 

With such unpredictable months, restaurants’ layouts are constantly evolving to meet state regulations. Our partitions are highly portable and mobile, making them easy to rearrange in a restaurant setting within a few minutes. They easily can be assembled together, as well, making it ten times easier to extend a restaurant’s interior seating arrangement. 

Portable Partitions for Exterior Seating

Connect Partitions made sure to create a line of outdoor partitions, as well. Being just as portable and mobile friendly, our stylish exterior partitions walls with drink rails are the perfect way to spruce up a restaurant’s patio section, while adhering to social distancing guidelines. 

Not only are our drink rail partitions perfect for outdoor use, but our other products are also able to withstand the outdoor elements. All of our products have a final coat of a highly durable AR MR coat. This basically means they’re anti-reflective, and able to withstand sun damage and deep scratches. 

We also understand that while restaurant’s may not expect our partitions to take a beating during their lifetime at their restaurant, we took into consideration that harsh cleaning products, such as bleach, would be used on our partitions surfaces multiple times a day. This is why we’ve created them to withstand just about anything, while still maintaining their fresh and sleek look throughout the elements. 

The standard metal frame that’s on all our plexiglass partitions is of powder-coated steel. It will not rust and is very easy to clean with any type of soft or harsh cleaning products or disinfectant.


We want restaurants to know Connect Partitions has their backs. Our products can increase the seating flow of any layout, while giving their space a new look that you might not expect with portable partitions. 

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