Reasons Why Plexiglass Shields are the Future for Restaurants

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

The coronavirus has sent shock waves throughout our nation. Everything has seemed to take a turn for the worse, especially for businesses and restaurants. Everyday, a new place is going out of business. Connect Partitions doesn’t want yours to be next. That’s why we believe our plexiglass shields can help you reopen your restaurant safety and efficiently. 

Plexiglass Shields Are The New Norm

Our plexiglass partitions’ main function is as a safety barrier to protect people in a sophisticated way.  Plexiglass partitions are becoming a new norm that more and more restaurants are starting to take advantage of. That might be hard to imagine. The dining industry, although recently reopened throughout the country, are still not at maximum capacity in most cities and states. Our plexiglass partitions make it easier for restaurants to reopen and grow with their versatile functions and uses, while making social distancing a little less demanding. 

Increased Restaurant Seating

Our plexiglass shields are designed for restaurants by custom furniture designers.  Not only are our quality products meant to combat germs, but they can free up tables that might have been closed off due to social distancing. 

Think of our partitions as a solution to the six foot rule. Although some states still require parties to be six feet apart within the interior of a restaurant, nonporous barriers, such as our partitions, can increase table space and decrease the amount of empty space between groups of people. In Massachusetts, this is one of the safety measures that restaurants can benefit from if they have our plexiglass partitions. We want restaurants to have more table space so they continue to profit as before.

Plexiglass Shields Aren’t Just For The Pandemic

We like to think of our products as a modern solution for a modern problem. Although pandemics are rare, they are still possible. We’ve all witnessed it hands on and unfortunately, many of us know the harsh impact of it. Our plexiglass shields can help combat germs far outside the reach of the pandemic. From flu season to the everyday common cold, germs are virtually everywhere.  

With our plexiglass shields, your restaurant can benefit far past the pandemic and its aftermath. Although we suspect partitions to be part of the restaurant world for many months to come, they might not be necessary eventually. But, with our modern designs and custom branding options, you might want them to be a part of your restaurant’s environment. Not only are they used for hygiene proposed, but they can add another layer of design to the interior of your restaurant. Connect Partitions is one of the only plexiglass barrier companies on the market that specialize in highly durable, yet sleek and modern restaurant partitions.

Reopen Your Restaurant with Restaurant Partitions

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