Safety Partitions Prevent Further Obstacles of Reopening Your Restaurant

safety partitions for restaurants

Our safety partitions at Connect Partitions are one of a kind. We know what restaurants need in times like these. Although there is a vaccine for the coronavirus now, that doesn’t mean germs go away overnight. Safety partitions can prevent further obstacles in your course to reopening your restaurant.

Very Durable Safety Partitions

Our partitions are one of a kind. We craft our safety partitions from materials such as commercial-grade plexiglass, powder-coated steel, and more. We also incorporate wheels on the base for easy installation around your restaurant. In addition to those features, we wanted to make extending our partition walls easy, too. We crafted magnets into the frame so you can easily attach one safety partitions to another. If you need to attach a partition to a wall, we include brackets that can be installed within minutes. This won’t leave any damage to your walls, either. We know partitions won’t be a part of your restaurant forever, so don’t worry about leaving any traces of them after you place them in storage.

Very Versatile

Connect Partitions designs safety partitions for virtually any section of your restaurant. From tables to booths to banquettes to bar tops, you can utilize any seating again! This is why our partitions are highly praised in the restaurant industry. We want restaurants to know that customers can come in and sit anywhere safely and comfortably.  Instead of socially distancing your seating arrangements, you can now place everything closer together with the use of our partitions in between parties. 

Disguise Safety Measures With Safety Partitions

If you have seen partition walls, you know how bulky and heavy they can be. Fortunately, Connect Partitions took into consideration these pain points for restaurants. As your restaurant is constantly evolving with different tables, booths, and seating arrangements moving around, you won’t have to lug around our safety partitions in addition to that labor. Our partitions are lightweight, highly mobile, and include wheels on the base for an ultra-easy install. 

In addition to being sleek and lightweight, they are highly customizable. By adding your logo, restaurant’s name, or even a pattern, you can easily distract customers from the reason behind partitions. Don’t you want these for your restaurant now?

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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