Why Partitions are Such a Hot Item for Restaurants Now

partitions are a hot item for the summer now

As a restaurant owner, you know the importance of opening up your dining area again to customers. The coronavirus struck us all by surprise, but restaurants, in particular, took the hardest hit. Partitions are such a hot item for the dining industry right now, too. They offer protectiveness, transparency, and a sense of openness in restaurants. This is why many restaurants are turning to us for partitions. 

Stay Divided, Yet Connected

As a restaurant owner or manager, you might be in the market for partitions because they allow you to reopen to full capacity. Depending on your state’s restaurant safety protocols, our partitions would make the perfect addition to your interior or exterior dining areas. They meet most guidelines in terms of height and structure. They stand at almost six feet in height with a base made from powder-coated steel. We craft them with high-grade plexiglass that allows for the ultimate feeling of transparency. 

Connect Partitions knows that restaurants need an environment that is open, welcoming, and safe. You can get these qualities with our partitions. Customers go out to enjoy time at a restaurant with friends and family for a reason. You can continue to serve them in peace with our products. Our partitions for restaurants are easy to communicate through, easy to see through and offer a sense of privacy at the same time. Depending on the ambiance of your restaurant, you can make sure to incorporate that with our partitions. 


Ours are also customizable. Since we craft our line of products ourselves, we offer custom branding, logo designs, and pattern designs right on our partitions. When restaurants start to reopen, they are looking for protective barriers that blend into their atmosphere without obstruction. They also want to keep customers comfortable in an environment that still may seem vulnerable to most. Our restaurant furniture is capable of that. You can invest in these safety barriers to distract your customers from knowing the real reason behind them. This is possible because of their sleek structure and ability to be customized to match your restaurant’s aesthetics! 

High-Quality Partitions

We design them specifically for the restaurant industry. Connect Partitions knows that crowds can be rowdy and things can get messy. That’s why we design partitions, sneezeguards, and protective barriers that can last a lifetime.

We use commercial-grade plexiglass that is thin, yet durable. We also use an AR MR coating, that protects our products against sun damage and scratches. This coating also protects against harsh cleaning routines that you’ve put in place since the beginning of the pandemic. From bleach and other heavy cleaning chemicals, you won’t have to worry about scratching or fading our products. This is another reason why our partitions are so sought after. For the price, they offer full protection for customers and staff in a sleek way. Why wouldn’t you want these for your restaurant?

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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