3 Reasons Durable Partitions Can Benefit You After the Pandemic

durable partitions

By now, we all hoped the pandemic would leave us alone. Unfortunately, we are seeing its aftermath far past anyone expected to. Restaurants struggle to stay open during such a difficult time. When you invest in our durable partitions for your restaurant, you’re making an investment that will benefit you far into the future.

1.) Investment for the Future

Our durable partitions are an investment that restaurants won’t regret.  We crafted our partitions to be more than just a divider between customers and employees. They are made to last far past the pandemic and its aftermath. We’ve designed them to look and feel like part of your restaurant’s current aesthetic. We understand that plexiglass barriers can seem obtrusive. THey might also destroy the layout of restaurants’ indoor seating arrangements. Ours, on the other hand, are lightweight, easy to move, and give a layer of design you wouldn’t expect from restaurant dividers. 

Overall, our plexiglass barriers are not only an investment for the time being, but far into the future. Imagine safety for both customers and employees, while adding an extra layer of design to restaurants’ environments. 

2.) Plexiglass Shields Aren’t Just For COVID-19

We like to think of our products as a modern solution for a modern problem. Although pandemics are rare, they are still possible. We’ve all witnessed it hands on and unfortunately, many of us know the harsh impact of it. The restaurant industry, especially. 

Our durable partitions help combat germs far outside the reach of the pandemic. From flu season to the everyday common cold, germs are virtually everywhere.  With our restaurant partitions, your restaurant can benefit far past the pandemic and its aftermath. 

Although we suspect partitions to be part of the restaurant world for many months to come, they might not be necessary eventually. But, with our modern designs and custom branding options, you might want them to be a part of your restaurant’s aesthetics. Not only are they for hygiene purposes, but they can add another layer of design to the interior of your restaurant. Connect Partitions is one of the only plexiglass barrier companies on the market that specialize in highly durable, yet sleek and modern restaurant partitions.

3.) Transparent, Durable Partitions At Its Finest

We craft our partitions mainly from commercial grade plexiglass materials. Don’t let this fool you, though. They come standard with a steel frame, giving them an extra layer of durability. 

Since they are also made out of a clear material that is very similar to plastic yet much more durable and heavy duty, our acrylic partitions are easy to clean and see where any spots may be on them. This can leave you and your employees at ease, knowing that they are in a sanitized place with one of the highest quality partitions on the market.

Connect Partitions handcrafts its line of restaurant partitions very particularly. Being the transparent and high grade acrylic they are, they’re easy to communicate through and see around in any type of restaurant environment. Our acrylic partitions blend into any type of ambiance, while also bringing positive attention to customers who come in contact with them. This is just another reason why durable partitions are an easy, modern solution for restaurants.

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