3 Reasons Local Restaurants Are Staying Open Because Of Partitions


Partitions are becoming the gold standard product for restaurants to have. They keep people safe. But they also remind people that they can be comfortable in a vulnerable environment. At Connect Partitions, we partner with local restaurants in New England to make sure they can keep serving their customers in times that almost seem impossible for a restaurant to survive in. 

1.) Help Keep Customers Safe & Protected

Our number one priority at Connect Partitions is safety. That’s why we create restaurant partitions.  Local restaurants and businesses have strived off our products because they’re modern, up to date with today’s strict protocols, and keep your patrons protected. 

Since our restaurant partitions are made out of a clear material similar to plastic, they’re easy to clean and to see where any spots may be on them. This can leave you and your employees at ease knowing that they are in a sanitized place with high quality partitions. 

Connect Partitions also coats all our products in an AR MR coating. AR coating is an antireflection coating.  MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both of these coats improve durability against sun damage and prevent scratching as a result of being cleaned and sanitized.  Our partitions are highly praised by the dining industry because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface. This makes working and dining in a newly partitioned restaurant easy to adapt to while regaining the same daily business you were used to before. 

Our restaurant partitions also come standard with a powder coated steel frame. It will not rust and is also very easy to clean with any type of soft or harsh cleaning products or disinfectant.  This will give customers the peace of mind they’ve been looking for in a high airborne germ environment. 

2.) Social Distance In Disguise

Social distancing seems to be a norm in today’s world. You hear it everywhere you go.  But it can be hard to maintain a safe social distance in certain environments, including restaurants here in New England. We know that space is tight, which is why we designed our partitions to be lightweight, easy to move around, and fit in between tables, booths, and countertop space with ease.

Our partitions are a perfect way to social distance in style. When you see our partitions, the first thing that will come to your head is how stylish they are. Our partitions offer social distancing in more ways than you can dream of. They are custom built to ensure the safety and distancing your customers and staff need between one another. Without these in your restaurant, social distancing can seem like a challenge. But when you partner with us, our restaurant products can surely help increase your daily business and help your customers feel at ease knowing they are in a protected environment. 

3.) Custom Partitions for All!

All of our product are highly customizable. This also means you can brand them to match your restaurant’s logo or brand name. Normal, every day partitions you see on the market are hard to find customizable. But when you partner with Connect Partitions, you can engrave yours to your standard. 

We want restaurants to feel “normal” again. Without custom options, it would be hard to reopen in style with all this PPE in place. We want your customers to feel like they can dine in peace without being reminded of the harsh pandemic around them. Overall, all of our restaurant products will surely bring your business back, one way or another.

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