3 Reasons Plexiglass Partitions Will Benefit Your Staff


It’s important to put your staff first in certain situations in the restaurant industry. We all know the “customer is always right,” but sometimes listening to your staff’s needs can benefit the restaurant overall.  Plexiglass partitions are one of the best options to keep them safe and protected while on the job.

1.) Keep Your Employees Safe with Plexiglass Partitions

Nobody wants to work under stressful circumstances. Since the beginning of the coronavirus, we want to make sure our partitions will not only benefit your customers daily, but every member of your staff that is put at risk during every shift. 

Since our plexiglass partitions are so diverse, every employee under your restaurant’s roof can benefit from the features of our partitions. They can be used at bars, tables, countertops, booths, around chairs, in banquettes, and so many other places where your waiters and waitresses are running around all the time. This gives them a certain peace of mind they won’t receive with other safety precaution products.

2.) Give Employees Peace of Mind with Plexiglass Partitions

It’s always a restaurant’s number one priority to keep its customers safe, happy, and satisfied throughout their experience with them, but what about its staff members? Connect Partitions is proud to be a part of this aftermath process. With our plexiglass partitions, you can expect nothing less of a safe, peaceful, and beautiful experience for your restaurant’s most important aspect – employees

Our restaurant partitions are not only meant to keep your dining space looking less like an office and more like a designed part of your business, but they’re meant to keep social distancing available where it might be harder to achieve. Let’s say you own a restaurant where you might be losing business due to shared tables and benches between different parties. Our restaurant partitions are easy to wheel in and separate groups of people from your prized staff members within a few seconds. This will give your waiters and waitresses some peace of mind, as well as keep the privacy of your customers to enjoy their meal and drinks with a beautiful divider. 

3.) High Level of Sanitation 

Connect Partitions specializes in the craftsmanship of our partition products. They’re durable and able to keep your staff safe and protected through the typical day at work.  They’re a;sp easy to sanitize throughout that typical day at work.

Restaurants can be messy, we all know that. Food splatters and spills, and is the same with drinks. There is always a risk for germs to spread easily within the dining industry, which is why we want you to consider putting your employees first, along with your customers.  Since our partitions are coated with a AR MR coating, it improves durability against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of being cleaned and sanitized multiple times throughout the day.  We also expect restaurants to use the typical chemicals to clean, which you might think are harsh on our partitions, but Connect Partitions made sure they can withstand just about any type of cleaning and cleaning method. Not only will your staff feel safe, but so will your customers.


We want you to know that you are not alone in the restaurant industry. Especially when it comes to taking strict precautions for your customers and staff. Connect Partitions specializes in our products to make sure you feel safe and protected under the current guidelines. Keep your valuable staff and employees safe. When you invest in our restaurant partitions, you’re not just investing in a product. You’re investing in the safety of your employees. Learn more in our other educational read, 10 Things You Must Know About Restaurant Partitions. 

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