3 Things About Social Distancing With Custom Plexiglass Partitions

custom plexiglass partitions

Restaurants have reopened from coast to coast here in the United States. In Massachusetts and most other New England states, social distancing in restaurants seems to be the new norm. With our custom plexiglass partitions, you won’t have to worry about social distancing anymore. 

As restaurants continue their path to reopening to full capacity in some areas, Connect Partitions makes it easier for them with our custom plexiglass partitions.

1.) No Need To Social Distance Tables Anymore

Remember when you had to keep parties separated at least six feet apart from one another? Now you no longer have to with Connect Partitions’ line of custom plexiglass partitions

Our products are designed to meet most state guidelines for the dining industry. They stand tall at just under six feet. You can place them between tables, booths, banquettes, and even bar tops. Depending on the models you need, your restaurant can be fully protected from front to back and side to side. You can keep your tables at a safe distance with just our partitions in between them. They are transparent, lightweight, and can be personalized. This leaves your restaurant looking even better than it did without partitions. And while you serve customers with a new look, you can keep them protected from the spread of airborne germs, too.

2.) Easy To Clean

Our partitions are easy to clean and sanitize. They are made from the highest quality plexiglass. They also feature a steel base, which comes standard on all our restaurant partitions.  We also using specific coatings, such as AR and MR. This makes them anti-reflective and highly resistant to the deepest scratches. We know restaurants have been taking extra precautions when it comes to sanitation schedules. This is why the surface on all of our products can withstand daily cleaning with heavy chemicals, such as bleach. 

Overall, we like to consider our booth partitions unbreakable and unbeatable. They are made to help the restaurant world because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface.

3.) Connect Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions Together

Our partitions are able to be connected to one another to create a longer protective wall. As you know by now, Connect Partitions specializes in several types of partitions that can benefit every section of your restaurant. We want you to also know that our custom plexiglass partitions are adjustable. Since they only come in one size, depending on the model, they can easily be attached to one another. This helps extend your partitioned area for expanded protection.  We also build magnets into our bases. This makes the assembly of partitions to one another even easier! If you need to connect your partition to a wall or hard surface, we include brackets that leave no damage when installed. This will help complete your restaurant’s new look within minutes. 

Overall, our partitions offer protection that social distancing cannot do alone. This why you need to make an investment with Connect Partitions. We are here to help you succeed and keep your customers safe and happy at the same time.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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