4 Pros of Bar Top & Countertop Partitions For Restaurants

bar and countertop partitions

If you own a restaurant, you know the challenges you are faced with during this time. Connect Partitions makes it less stressful with our easy to use and move bar and countertop partitions.

1.) Our Bar & Countertop Partitions Are A Super Lightweight Material

Imagine sitting at a bar or a hightop table trying to enjoy your appetizer or drink. It can be pretty challenging with a mask on and having to move it down every few minutes to take a bite or drink. With our bar top and countertop partitions, you won’t need to worry about a mask. Our partitions make social distancing that much safer. Here in Massachusetts protective barriers, such as plexiglass partitions, and maintaining a safe six feet away from the next party over, is all you need to reopen your bar area to patrons. Our partitions are made out of a lightweight plexiglass material that is easy to move and adjust on a bar or counter top. It’s one way to get people seated in more areas than just the typical dining area. 

In your bar or restaurant, take advantage of our lightweight countertop partitions. They can help separate a party of people in the matter of seconds. Also, people at a bar are usually always coming and going at any time. With the lightweight material we use for our plexiglass partitions, you can move them around and customize the bar seating arrangement for the next party of people coming in to grab a drink. Connect Partitions makes the bar and restaurant life as easy as it could be with our lightweight partitions. 

2.) Easy To Communicate Through

Being at a bar or high countertop is already tricky enough when trying to get a bartender’s attention. Our partitions make that struggle a little easier. Unlike the usual bulky and nontransparent partitions, ours are made of a special transparent plexiglass that makes visibility still clear as day. You can also still talk to other people around you, and through the partition, with ease.

3.) Unobtrusive Bar & Countertop Partitions 

Our bar top partitions, as well as our countertop partitions, are very unobtrusive. Although you may think of partitions as taking up a lot of space, being bulky and just all around annoying, Connect Partitions strives to keep our countertop partitions unassuming towards your customers, unaggressive in your bar or restaurant’s’ ambiance, and modest for your brand. 

Overall, we strive to keep our countertop partitions looking sleek and elegant, as well as easy to install and move around with no effort at all within your busy restaurant. 

4.) Fit Your Aesthetic 

The atmosphere of your bar or restaurant can have a certain vibe or tone that you don’t want to destroy. At Connect Partitions, our countertop partitions for your bar area or restaurant are customizable to your brand and can fit into your aesthetic with ease. 

The last thing we want to do during this stressful time is ruin a great atmosphere because of certain rules and regulations you need to adhere by. Connect Partitions will help you reopen in style! Make your customers and fans think that this is the everyday look of your bar or countertops with our personalizable partitions. Get your logo designed on them, a unique pattern, or even your brand name.  Or mix and match depending on your bar or restaurant’s vibe!


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