5 Advantages of Outdoor Restaurant Partitions 

outdoor restaurant partitions

Connect Partitions makes our outdoor partitions for so many reasons. But first, we wanted to make sure you could use them anywhere, including outdoors!  They are lightweight, easy to move around on their wheels while adding durability, and can connect into place without difficulty. But these are just a few benefits of our outdoor restaurant partitions. 

1.) Adhere to Any Outdoor Arrangement

Whether you own a restaurant on the west coast that offers outdoor deck seating, or a small cafe on the east coast that offers seating right on the side of the walkway, our outdoor restaurant partitions can adhere to those environments. 

They are built to last. When we say this, Connect Partitions specializes and succeeds in our custom built, light weight, and thin partitions to ensure maximum efficiency in any type of outdoor seating arrangement. 

2.) Maintain Privacy

Outdoor dining options may not seem like the most private or intimate setting for a restaurant, but our outdoor patio partitions can create that atmosphere in a split second. Privacy can seem like an added element to your exterior design that’s hard to achieve, but we make it possible in the matter of seconds.

When eating outdoors, it is important to maintain your surroundings and make sure customers have an enjoyable outdoor experience, virtually and physically.. Customers want to see what’s going on outside and around them at all times. Our plexiglass partitions offer transparency, which don’t obstruct your customers from enjoying their outdoor experience wining and dining.

What most restaurant owners might overlook is the illusion of privacy that our outdoor dining partitions offer its customers. This is an added benefit of our outdoor restaurant partitions that is easily overlooked, but can be benefited from greatly!  Our partitions might be transparent and lightweight, but they separate parties from other parties that are sharing the same outdoor common space. Although not soundproof, they do help drastically with the level of noise between groups to help keep their private conversations private.  

3.) Easy to Communicate Through

Being outdoors, especially at a restaurant or packed cafe, can already be hard enough to communicate efficiently at.  Our outdoor restaurant partitions make that struggle a little easier. Unlike the usual bulky and nontransparent partitions, ours are made of a special transparent plexiglass that makes visibility still clear as day. You can also still talk to other people around you, and through the partition, with ease.  

Like we mentioned above, they aren’t soundproof.  But they do help maintain the level of noise between parties, keeping private conversations, private conversations.  Our outdoor restaurant partitions keep the noises and the noise levels where they should be.

4.) Unobtrusive

Connect Partitions doesn’t want you losing out on valuable seating space that you could be taking advantage of with our outdoor restaurant partitions and table and chair separators. When you invest in these products, it makes social distancing that much easier for not only your customers, but your wait staff. With the way you set up your outdoor seating arrangement currently adhering to the new guidelines, it could be hard for your waiters and waitresses to maneuver around with drinks and food trays. Our outdoor patio partitions make it easy to maintain your usual outdoor seating arrangement that everyone is used to. 

5.) Fit Your Aesthetic

The atmosphere of your outdoor dining area or patio could have already been hard to achieve. Outdoor dining products can be limited, or very pricey, which hinders most restaurants from continuing their current interior design to their exterior space. With Connect Partitions, we offer certain outdoor restaurant partitions that don’t have to destroy your restaurant’s aesthetic. 

The last thing we want to do during this stressful time is ruin a great atmosphere because of certain rules and regulations you need to adhere to due to the government. Connect Partitions will help you reopen in style, especially your outdoor dining or patio.   Make your customers think that this is the everyday look you offer here at your restaurant or cafe.  Get your logo designed on our outdoor restaurant partitions,or even a unique pattern or your brand name.  Or mix and match depending on your bar or restaurant’s vibe! 


Overall, we don’t want to limit your choices you already have to make. Connect Partitions makes it easy to adapt to new ways and new normals with our versatile outdoor restaurant partitions.  Learn more in our other educational read, 10 Things You Must Know About Restaurant Partitions.

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