5 Benefits of Restaurant Plexiglass Partitions

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Partitions can be a tricky item to shop for. If you’re not an expert on partitions, finding the right material for your restaurant’s partitions can be a challenge. Luckily, at Connect Partitions, we offer one of the most efficient and effective partition materials you could ask for – plexiglass.

1.) Plexiglass Partitions Are Easy To Sanitize

Our partitions are not only made out of a great, light, and efficient material, but they are one of the easiest to clean. Since they are made out of a clear material similar to plastic, they’re easy to clean and to see where any spots may be.  This can leave you and your customers at ease, knowing that they are in a sanitized space. 

2.) Easy to Adapt To

Sometimes changes to a common place, such as a restaurant, cafe, or bar, can be a shock to its usual customers. With our plexiglass partitions, you can expect your employees and customers to feel more at home than ever before. Unlike other types of common partitions, our plexiglass partitions are made out of a lighter, thinner material that happens to be transparent. It’s easier on the eye and can create the illusion that you aren’t even socially distancing through a partition in the first place.

3.) Unobtrusive Look & Feel

Keep your restaurant’s spirits high with our plexiglass partitions and their unobtrusive look and feel. Unlike most bulky and unwelcoming partitions, our partitions are see through, light weight, and elegant. 

Make your daily customers and even new customers wonder if they should invest in Connect Partitions plexiglass partitions, as well. This will be an investment your restaurant will benefit from in the long run. Not just during COVID-19 and its aftermath months.

4.) Our Plexiglass Partitions Are A Highly Customizable Material

With our partitions, you can personalize them all to your liking – even mix and match! Connect Partitions offers many different pre-made designs, as well as being able to fully customize our plexiglass partitions to fit your logo, brand name, or specific pattern that is unique to your restaurant. 

Our partitions are not like any other on the market, and can help make your restaurant feel more like your own brand and not a standard partition that sticks out like a sore thumb. Our partitions are meant to blend into any type of ambiance or atmosphere, while also bringing positive attention to those who sit next to them. 

5.) Designed for Many Industries

When you think of partitions, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Bathroom partitions? Wall dividers in a shared common office space? At Connect Partitions, we strive to have our plexiglass partitions be a part of many types of industries across the country. 

Whether you are in retail, hospitality, dining, hygiene or health-related, or anything else, Connect Partitions wants you to know that our plexiglass partitions are meant for you and your common space. Stay safe and protected, while also staying efficient and elegant in a way you would never imagine with our plexiglass partitions. 

Connect Partitions understands restaurants are taking the hardest hit when it comes to reopening after the pandemic. That’s why we specialize in these elegant plexiglass partitions for your restaurant. So you can reopen in style for your brand and comfort for your customers.


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