5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Mobile Partitions

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In today’s world with everything going on, mobile partitions aren’t just an item you’ll need for a few months. Rather an extended period of time that could help you in the future.  Mobile partitions are a perfect way for any type of restaurant, including fast food chains, cafes, and bars, fine dining, and family style restaurants, to stay safe, healthy, divided, yet connected with our beautiful designs. 

1.) Mobile Partitions Are A Norm Now

Although you might think partitions will only be around for a few months due to the recent pandemic, our partitions could really benefit you far into the future. Our partitions are not only easy to move around and create a beautiful space with, but they help keep a lot of people in an enclosed (or even open) space to maintain a safe distance. 

Our mobile partitions can also serve your restaurant or bar far past the COVID-19 pandemic. When we say this, we like to think of our mobile partitions as a way to stop the spread of germs, as well as maintain an illusion of privacy.

2.) Stylish Way To Be Divided, Yet Connected

You might not think of a partition as being the most beautiful thing in your restaurant, but you can make it sleek and stylish the Connect Partitions way. 

When we say “stylish,” we mean “stylish.” Connect Partitions strives in branding and customizing our mobile restaurant partitions in so many ways.  Whether you own a restaurant chain in LA, or manage a small cafe on the east coast, you have the power to brand our mobile partitions with your logo or pattern when purchasing. We also offer an array of designs and patterns that are already specially created for an easier process. 

Customers will want to see your mobile partitions and stay connected through them. Connect Partitions wants to achieve the best look for your restaurant, brewery, or any other type of dining space that will leave visitors in awe. Who knew a mobile restaurant partition could look so good?

3.) Customize Your Mobile Partitions

Connect Partitions wants to stand out from the crowd our normal everyday use partitions. Our mobile partitions can be customized to your liking, whether it’s a brand name, business logo, or custom design. We strive to have our mobile partitions be a part of your brand. Not just a normal everyday partition that one might overlook. 

4.) Use Our Mobile Partitions In Any Type of Space

We know almost every place of business is going to need partitions going into the future. Connect Partitions wants you to know that our mobile partitions can be used in almost any type of space, environment, you name it. They can be easily placed between and even around tables, booths, benches, bars and bar tops, counters, and much more. Anywhere there is a public dining area that you need to be safe and protected in, our mobile partitions got you covered, literally!

5.) Give Your Customers Peace Of Mind

It’s always a restaurant’s number one priority to keep its customers safe, happy, and satisfied throughout their experience with them. Connect Partitions is proud to be a part of this process. With our restaurant partitions, you can expect nothing less of a safe, peaceful, and beautiful experience. 

Our restaurant partitions keep your dining space looking less like an office and more like a part of your business.  They make social distancing available where it might be harder to achieve. Let’s say you own a restaurant where you might be losing business due to shared tables and benches between different parties. Our mobile partitions are easy to wheel in and separate groups of people within a few seconds. This will give customers some peace of mind. Also the privacy to enjoy their meal and drinks with a beautiful divider. Learn more about our floor planning services to increase your capacity.


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