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When you think of PPE, what do you think of it? It might not have been an abbreviation you were familiar with before the pandemic, but you are familiar with it now. PPE is Personal Protective Equipment. It can range from hand sanitizer to face masks to even plexiglass partitions for your restaurant. 

Connect Partitions designs acrylic PPE for restaurants because we know how important safety is in a vulnerable indoor environment.  

Acrylic PPE Barriers Offer Transparency

As you can imagine, our commercial-grade acrylic PPE barriers offer transparency. This makes it easy for customers and wait staff to see around without feeling like they are trapped behind a partition wall. It also offers a more open feeling in your restaurant, which can be hard to imagine with partition walls in place. But Connect Partitions makes that possible. 

Transparency is vital, especially in restaurants. People go out to eat to get away from their daily surroundings. Don’t constrict your restaurant. This is why our transparent PPE barriers are a must need investment for you!

How PPE Can Save Your Restaurant

We know that restaurants are struggling to make ends meet in today’s society. We live in a world where PPE is becoming the new norm of going out in society. People are wearing masks everywhere they go, even while driving in their car. PPE can be found in restaurants, too. 

Our acrylic PPE are lightweight barriers crafted out of most commercial grade plexiglass and a steel frame. They also come standard with wheels on the base, making them easy to wheel around to rearrange your restaurant within minutes. They can easily be connected together with their magnetic structure, making a longer protective wall for those tables and booths that need it. 

Although they might sound bulky, Connect Partitions actually designs some of the most lightweight and thinnest restaurant partitions on the market. We also design them to fit around booths, tables, banquettes, and even bar tops and countertops. This makes your restaurant the safest it has ever been. 

Our acrylic PPE barriers can definitely save your restaurant. Whether you need them to meet safety guidelines put in place by your state or you want them for added protection in general, Connect Partitions has you covered.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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