Acrylic Restaurant Room Dividers – Reopen in Style

Acrylic Restaurant Room Dividers

By now, your restaurant is most likely reopen to your customers. But is your restaurant following safety protocols accurately? Many restaurants have lost their licenses due to not following the safety measures put in place by their state. We don’t want this to happen to your restaurant. When you partner with Connect Partitions for your restaurant, you are guaranteed one of the most high-quality acrylic restaurant room dividers on the market. 

Reopen with a Safe Environment

Our acrylic restaurant room dividers are designed to combat the spread of germs. When a restaurant partners with Connect Partitions, we make sure our products are the perfect match for their space.  Although our products may be lightweight and transparent, they get the job done efficiently. Don’t let their sleek design fool you. They are designed to protect your staff and customers with ease!  

They’re very easy to clean and stay clean for long periods of time.  But we suggest cleaning them on a regular basis to reduce the spread of any germs even more, especially in the restaurant industry where people are constantly in contact with them.

We want restaurants across the nation to make sure their customers and employees feel safe.  We also design our acrylic restaurant room dividers to be less obtrusive and more people-friendly. Our custom furniture designers know that restaurants have a high customer demand, which is why we take all these factors into consideration. We want nothing but the best experience for you and your customers.

Table, Booth, & Bench Partitions

Our products include table, booth, bench, and even banquette partitions that we custom design for restaurants. Restaurants can maximize their seating with these acrylic restaurant room dividers, as well. They’re not obtrusive, and easy to maneuver in a tight space if necessary. Connect Partitions wants to make sure restaurants around the nation take advantage of all of our products, as they can increase your daily customer count by more than half the capacity they’re operating at currently. What’s better than making more daily profits during a pandemic? It’s your time to invest in our acrylic restaurant room dividers now!

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