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As a restaurant owner or manager yourself, you know the hard and detailed work that goes into restaurant design. We try to keep the peace with our restaurant partitions that are designed for your atmosphere.

Our Material Is Highly Customizable

With our durable, acrylic partitions, you can personalize them all to your liking – even mix and match! All of our partitions have the ability to be personalized. And at an affordable price at that.  Connect Partitions offers many different pre-made designs. Customize our plexiglass partitions to fit your logo, brand name, or specific pattern that is unique to your restaurant. We want to make sure a necessity your restaurant needs to invest in doesn’t ruin your interior or exterior design.  You won’t find that ability with most other room divider or partitions businesses. 

Our plexiglass partitions are not like any other on the market, and can help make your restaurant, bar, or cafe feel more like your own brand and not a standard partition that sticks out like a sore thumb. At Connect Partitions, we specialize in many patterns and designs to make sure our partitions blend into any type of ambiance or atmosphere while bringing positive attention to those who sit next to them. Some of your customers, and even staff members, might forget the real reason you have partitions, which is what we want for you!  Don’t remind your customers of the pandemic, but rather remind them of the enjoyable dining experiences they’ve been missing out on. 

Floor Plan Design Services At Your Fingertip

Connect Partitions offer much more than just our custom built products. We also want to assure you that our partitions will fit within your space. No matter the size or layout of your restaurant, we got you covered.

First off, Connect Partitions will come out to your restaurant  to determine how many partitions you will need throughout the space. After our first step of determining how many of our plexiglass partitions will be needed, we will provide you with a review of the layout that would work best for your common restaurant space. 

Since all restaurants offer a different type of layout, Connect Partitions wants to make sure that we maximize your table or bar top count, while adhering to important social distancing rules and regulations. We want nothing but the best for your restaurant or bar space with the help of our sleek and efficient partitions.  

No Obstacles with our Restaurant Partitions

In case you were curious, our experts always make sure that footpaths and walkways are cleared and unobstructed by our partitions. Connect Partitions also ensures that we are productive with where exactly each partition goes. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant with 50 tables. If you adhere to social distancing regulations alone, you would lose about 20% of those tables. This in turn hurts your profitability at the end of the day. Connect Partitions specializes in our custom built, light weight, and thin partitions to ensure maximum efficiency. With our partitions as part of your layout, you don’t lose any of your tables. And you’ll still be adhering to the pandemics aftermath phase guidelines of keeping your customers and usual clientele safe. 

Overall, our partitions are meant to be unobstructive, easy on the eye, and maintain peace of mind for your customers, clients, employees, and even you, all while accommodating strict restaurant guidelines for safety precautions. Connect Partitions wants to bring businesses, such as restaurants like yours, success from coast to coast – get your perfect partitions today! 

Restaurant Partitions – Modern Solution for Modern Problems

Partitions might seem like a thing of the past… until today’s day and age. With coronavirus bringing down the dining world, we specialize in a modern solution. We want to help you and your customers adapt to the new norm.  Connect Partitions offers restaurant partitions that are modern and contemporary. They fit into any environment, atmosphere, or ambiance with ease.  Add that extra layer of interior or exterior design décor with our customizable and modern partitions. 

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