Adjustable Plexiglass Partitions – Separate Parties With Ease

adjustable plexiglass partitions

Restaurants across the nation are starting to reopen to their customers. Whether they have personal protection equipment in use or not, it’s still important to remember where we stood a little over a year ago. The coronavirus swept the nation and restaurants were among the first businesses that were hit the hardest. With our adjustable plexiglass partitions, you will be able to keep your restaurant open during and after the pandemic. 

Connectable Partitions

Like our brand simply states, our partitions are connectable. You will be able to separate parties with ease no matter the size of the group. If you have booths, tables and chairs, banquettes, or even bar tops, our partitions will work. Our custom furniture designers use lightweight yet durable materials that can easily fit around any surface in your restaurant. 

Join several adjustable plexiglass partitions together to create a longer divider depending on your restaurant. The frame of the divider has magnets incorporated into the structure of each partition for seamless assembly of multiple units. Connect Partitions makes life easy for you.  Adjust to the new norm today with our partitions. 

Modern Solution

There are many ways that restaurants have been keeping their doors open. Some restaurants use plastic sheets.  Some socially distance their parties and lose out on empty tables.  This pains us to see when we know we have a modern solution for a modern problem.  

Although we suspect partitions to be a part of the restaurant world for many months to come, they might not be necessary for the far future. But, with our modern designs and custom branding options, you might want them to be a part of your restaurant for the future. Not only are they for hygiene purposes, but they can add another layer of design to the interior or exterior of your restaurant. Connect Partitions is one of the only adjustable plexiglass partitions companies on the market that specialize in highly durable, yet sleek and modern restaurant safety products.

Unique Structure

We understand the hardships your restaurant has faced since last year. With adjustable plexiglass partitions as part of your restaurant, you won’t have to worry about spreading airborne germs as much. 

Connect Partitions uses a high-grade commercial material that makes sanitizing quick and simple. We coat our partitions with an AR MR coating.  This improves durability against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of cleaning and sanitizing with harsh cleaning supplies and chemicals, such as bleach. AR coating is an antireflection coating, while MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both of these really help the restaurant industry because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface. This is just another reason why the reopening of restaurants across the nation will be seamless – our partitions are everything and anything the dining industry needs to keep their customers safe and happy while taking the extra precautions they need to reopen safely.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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