Brand Your Own Custom Restaurant Partitions When Reopening

custom restaurant partitions

Our custom restaurant partitions are one item restaurants are raving over. They are a quick solution to a complex problem. The coronavirus has taken its toll on restaurants. This is why we specialize in products for the restaurant world. We strive in making them modern for a modern problem, too.

Highly Customizable Restaurant Partitions

Our restaurant partitions are highly customizable. You can choose from a variety of patterns that hide the real reason behind restaurant partitions.We understand the harsh reality behind partitions. We don’t want to remind customers of it, though. That’s why our custom restaurant partitions are modern for today’s society. 

Logos and custom branding is available to really give your restaurant the personality it had before all these safety measures were a requirement. Connect Partitions understands restaurants are struggling to reopen under strict hygienic protocol. Even socially distancing tables and booths can be a pain. They can cause a huge loss on daily profit. That’s why we create our custom restaurant partitions. We want to increase restaurants’ table count. But also add another design layer while keeping customers safe. Our patterns are specifically for a restaurant’s environment, which is why our partitions are perfect for their space.

Investment for Your Customers

Our custom restaurant partitions are not only a modern safety feature for your restaurant. But they are an investment for your customers. We take into consideration the safety of customers. We want to make sure customers feel safe in a very vulnerable setting – restaurants.  Masks are most likely not required while seated at a restaurant table or booth, which is why it’s important to invest in a product that will help decrease the spread of germs – our custom restaurant partitions. Connect Partitions strives to make customers feel safe and protected, yet not remind them of the intense safety protocol. That’s why we’ve designed our plexiglass partitions to give off an unobtrusive look with our multiple patterns and custom branding options. Our durable products are the perfect addition for any restaurant across the nation.  But they are  

portable partitions help restaurants reopen

Is your restaurant in the reopening phase?

Learn how you can reopen your business safely in Massachusetts. Read our e-book, Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions.

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