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Winter is near! Our business partitions are meant to help keep you and your employees safe during these cold and difficult times. Germs are in constant movement, from the coronavirus to the flu to the average cold. Our partitions can help stop the spread of germs in your restaurant of business.

Return to Work Safely with Business Partitions in Place

Whether you own a restaurant or work in an office space, our business partitions can help everyone return to their normal schedule. Similar to restaurants, offices have started to slowly reopen to the public. Although cases are started to hit an all time high again, the nation has come up with several safety measures that can help.

Connect Partitions makes our business partitions for virtually any type of industry. You and your employees can return to a safe, yet peaceful, environment. Our partitions are unobtrusive, lightweight, and highly customizable to give your restaurant or business a safe and modern atmosphere. 

Our business partitions are also constructed from a highly durable material – commercial grade plexiglass. We coat them with an AR MR coating, too. This improves durability against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of daily cleaning and sanitizing. Bleach, and other harsh cleaning products, are always in use in today’s world. That’s why our products are highly durable to withstand any damage.

On the other hand, AR coating is an antireflection coating.  MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both of these can really help your industry because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface.

Stay Healthy 

Staying safe and healthy is a challenge in today’s society. The second you walk outside, you are at risk. With colder months right around the corner, we want to secure restaurants and businesses across the nation with our business partitions. It’s one of the most effective ways to social distance in disguise, yet stay protected.

Our partitions are super duty. Which makes them easy to sanitize and clean on a daily basis. You won’t have to worry about scratching them up, or having them fade over time. We’ve even designed our partitions to be able to withstand outdoor conditions. You might see our partitions on the patio of a restaurant or the outdoor eating area of an office. Either way, you have a better chance at staying protected and healthy with our business partitions, no matter where you want to utilize them. 

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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