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Our business and restaurant partitions are similar to cubicle walls.  Though their lightweight frame and transparent material offers a more open feel. We want to make businesses and restaurants of all sizes feel comfortable when they go back to work or reopen. This is why we design our products for many types of businesses, especially restaurants.

Going Back to Work in A Safer Environment

Our business and restaurant partitions are designed to combat the spread of the germs. When a business or restaurant of any kind partners with Connect Partitions, we make sure our products are the perfect match for their space.  Although our products may be lightweight and transparent, they get the job done efficiently.  They’re easy to clean and stay cleaned for long periods of time. We do suggest cleaning them on a regular basis to reduce the spread of any germs even more, especially in the restaurant industry. Groups of people are constantly in contact with them.

We want businesses all around the nation to make sure their staff and employees feel safe going back to work when they’re ready, but we also want our partitions to be less obtrusive and more people friendly for businesses, such as restaurants with a high customer demand. 

Custom Restaurant Partitions

Not only are our products highly durable and transparent, they’re also highly customizable.  That’s right – businesses can add custom designs, including logos and brand names, to our line of business partitions. Whether the business is very client facing, or just wants their space to blend in more with their business aesthetics, our partitions are perfect for that.

Business Partitions to Work More Effectively

Sometimes a business can be distracting when employees are sitting across from or sitting a few feet away from one another. Or a restaurant can be overly crowded with customers at every table and wait staff running around. Sometimes, there is no sense of privacy in common areas like this.  Connect Partitions understands that all types of restaurants are all set up differently.  With our plexiglass partitions, we can give “different” a new meaning.

Our partitions offer such a strong sense of privacy. They also still maintain their sleek  look.  Employees or staff members can get more work done in peace and in a less stressful looking environment. Our partitions are all custom and affordable, even for small local businesses that might need our custom partitions in the near future. Not only does Connect Partitions strive to keep businesses successful, but we want their employees and staff to go back to their normal work routines and feel comfortable doing so.

sleek plexiglass partitions

Want to Learn More?

We want you to learn more about how restaurants can flourish again with our partitions. Check out our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions.

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