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clear plexiglass partitions

It has been over a year since the coronavirus first made its visit here in the United States. From coast to coast, people everywhere in the nation have been affected greatly by it. Restaurants are at the top of the list for businesses that have been hit the hardest. With our clear plexiglass partitions, your restaurant will be able to open again safely.  Our products also allow the ultimate protection for your customers and staff.

Disguise Social Distancing with Clear Plexiglass Partitions

By now, you are familiar with the phrase “social distancing.” By keeping parties in your restaurant at least six feet apart, you can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. But how affected is that really? Indoor dining environments still have a lack of adequate airflow. With that being said, germs can easily be passed from one table to the next without any protection between them. We offer that protection with our clear plexiglass partitions.

Not only are our partitions made from commercial-grade plexiglass, but they are durable and ultra-lightweight. Their transparency also makes for a great dining experience. Customers and wait staff will easily be able to see around them and enjoy their time in your restaurant. 

We understand the hardships you are going through to keep your restaurant open. But there are also moments you might dread having customers in due to the amount of personal protection equipment that is required. Our partitions disguise that protective look in a sleek and modern way. Your customers will not feel uneasy dining in your environment when you partner with Connect Partitions. 

Durable Material

We are not just another sneezeguard on the market. Connect Partitions uses top-of-the-line materials to make sure our products will last a lifetime. Our clear plexiglass partitions are durable. We craft them from a material similar to plastic, yet more upscale, heavy-duty, and scratch-resistant. 

Our products come with an exterior AR MR coating. This improves durability against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of cleaning and sanitizing. Your staff will be using harsh cleaning liquids, such as bleach and other chemicals, on a daily basis. If you think that will affect our partitions in the long run, think again. Our clear plexiglass partitions can virtually handle any harsh environment, indoors and out. 

On the other hand, AR coating is an antireflection coating, while MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both of these really help the restaurant industry because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface. So when we say our partitions are durable, trust us. You will want these for your unpredictable restaurant.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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