Create More Restaurant Space with Restaurant Partitions

restaurant partitions

As the coronavirus continues to have an impact across the nation, we strive to combat its effects with our products. We understand that restaurants have shut their doors permanently due to the coronavirus. We are trying to protect the struggling restaurants at all costs.  Your restaurant can benefit from our restaurant partitions.

Create More Table Space With Restaurant Partitions

Our partitions are made for many types of industries. But we optimize specifically for restaurants. Their steel outer frame and thin, yet highly durable, plexiglass body, can handle the most restaurants endure. From large family style restaurants to small cafes, our quality partitions can handle any dining environment. Our restaurant partition structure makes it easy to increase table space. 

Customers Receive Peace of Mind in Return

Plexiglass partitions and room dividers might seem like an item of the past, but in today’s society, they are becoming a norm.  Our commercial plexiglass partitions that are specifically designed for restaurants stand tall for a reason – they are durable, transparent, easy to clean and stay clean, and give your customers the peace of mind everyone has been hoping for. Did we mention they’re durable and can last years past the pandemic? 

Reopening a restaurant to the public may seem like a stressful journey, but at Connect Partitions, our restaurant partitions make the process easy. The number one thing we want to make sure restaurants encounter when they reopen is to ensure the safety and peace of mind of customers and staff. Connect Partitions gives restaurants that awesome ability.

Our Restaurant Partitions Follow Protocol 

In most states, there are certain standards that restaurants need to follow in order to reopen their business. In Massachusetts, where we specialize, restaurants must allow at least six feet between tables, unless there is a non-porous barrier between tables. At that point, social distancing can be “replaced,” in a sense, with our restaurant partitions. 

Our restaurant partitions also allow restaurants to maximize their indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.  Social distancing can reduces with our products. Therefore, it increases the amount of table space.

This is exactly the type of product we push restaurants to invest in. Not only are our restaurant partitions made for the aftermath of the novel coronavirus, but they can be used far past that for a level of privacy and even add a layer of design


Please check your state or city’s guidelines for any updates for indoor and outdoor dining protocol.

Reopen Your Restaurant with Restaurant Partitions

Is your restaurant in the reopening phase?

Learn how your restaurant can reopen less stressfully in our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions.

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