Create a Private Atmosphere With Room Dividing Restaurant Partitions 

room dividing partitions

When you think of your restaurant, do you currently have privacy or a level of intimacy between tables? Is your restaurant small and crowded together to fit as many customers in as possible? If so, Connect Partitions has the solution to create a private atmosphere with our room dividing partitions.

Restaurant Partitions That Fit Any Space

Our room dividing restaurant partitions are made to fit around or in between any type of service. If you have  a bar, we have bar top and countertop partitions. If you have tables and booths, we have partitions options for those, as well. Any restaurant with any type of seating arrangement can benefit from our partitions. Create a private atmosphere with our room diving restaurant partitions. 

Although they are made from high quality and commercial grade acrylic material, don’t let the transparent look deceive you. Our highly customizable, room dividing partitions make it easy to create a private or intimate feel throughout your restaurant. Add a simple design element from our premade designs, or add your brand or logo to match your restaurant. Customers, or even fans, of your restaurant or brand will want to see your partitions and stay connected through them. Connect Partitions wants to achieve the best look for your restaurant, brewery, or any other type of dining space that will leave visitors in awe. Whatever you decide on, our restaurant partitions will give your customers a highly satisfied and comfortable experience in your restaurant. 

If you work for or own a smaller, more cramped dining space, such as a dive bar or cafe, our partitions can easily slide into place. They’re thin, yet highly durable to add a level of safety between individual groups, as well as adding that level of privacy. They might not be soundproof, but they do help with the level of noise between parties to help keep their private conversations private. 

Keeping Everyone Safe

Our restaurant partitions keep your dining space looking less like an office and more like a part of your atmosphere. They keep social distancing available where it might be harder to achieve. Our restaurant partitions can also serve your restaurant or bar far past the COVID-19 pandemic. When we say this, we like to think of our partitions as a way to stop the spread of germs, as well as maintain an illusion of privacy.  They’re such an ingenious way to stay divided, yet connected.

Let’s say you own a restaurant where you might be losing business due to shared tables and benches between different parties. Our mobile partitions are easy to wheel in and separate groups of people within a few seconds. This will give customers some peace of mind, as well as the privacy to enjoy their meal and drinks with a beautiful divider.   Learn more in our other educational read, 10 Things You Must Know About Restaurant Partitions.

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