Custom Booth Partitions – Reopen Unused Booths with Ease

custom booth partitions

Restaurants all across the nation are ready to reopen to full capacity again. With table seating being the most popular seating arrangement in restaurants, we don’t want you to limit yourself just to those seats for customers. Another popular seating arrangement in restaurants is booths. Have you seen custom booth partitions that will fit in your restaurant? Don’t settle for standard size protective barriers when you could have booth partitions that are custom-designed to fit your space perfectly.

Use All Your Booth Seating Again

Our custom booth partitions make reopening those seating areas again easy as can be. We know booths can’t be rearranged to adhere to social distancing. They are mostly positioned back to back along a wall or against windows. Our custom booth partitions are easy to install, lightweight, and offer safety in many ways. 

We incorporate magnets into the side of the structure for seamless assembly of more than one partitions. We also offer brackets that leave no damage to walls if you need to attach a unit to a hard surface to complete your protected area around your booths. You can also remove them within minutes. Because of their lightweight and thin structure, they can easily be stored when they are no longer needed.

Extra Durability

We also coat our custom booth partitions in an AR MR coating.  This makes them anti-reflective and highly resistant to small and deep scratches. Your staff has been taking extra precautions with sanitization most likely. The surface on all of our products is resistant to the result of daily cleaning with harsh products, such as bleach.  The frame also comes standard with a powdered steel layer to make it extra durable. Overall, we like to consider our booth partitions unbreakable and unbeatable. They are made to help the restaurant world because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface.

Customize Them

Our partitions are highly customizable. When you request a quote, make sure you check out the different patterns we offer. This helps disguise the reason why partitions are necessary for restaurants. Customizations to our booth partitions also offer a more clean look and distract customers from feeling like they might be in a vulnerable environment. Let’s make your customers feel at home again! Whether you decide to use personalizations or not, our partitions are unique, transparent, lightweight, and offer the best protection for you and your customers.

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Reopen safely and efficiently in New England! Learn more with our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions e-book.

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