Custom Partitions – Design Your Own for Restaurants or Businesses

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Most partitions on the market are heavy, bulky, and have no pleasing aesthetic to them at all. Connect Partitions goes to great lengths to have our products be one of kind if a restaurant or business requires it. That’s we specialize in our full line of custom partitions for all types of businesses.

Our restaurant and business partitions not only keep your customers and employees separate and at a safe distance from one another, but our partitions are customizable to keep your office or restaurant looking and feeling fresh. 

Brandable Office Partitions

With Connect Partitions, you can brand your office partitions so they feel like they’re meant to be in your office space. We are able to create office partitions with logos, brand names and many more types of designs that your company or business might want to take advantage of during this time  Normal partitions are boring, with no office flare. With our office partitions, we want your employees, staff, and even clients to feel like they’re being greeted by your brand when they walk into your office space.

Customizable Restaurant Partitions

Our restaurant partitions are highly customizable, meaning restaurants can pick from numerous pre-designed patterns. Connect Partitions understands that restaurants are struggling to reopen across the nation under such strict guidelines. Even socially distancing tables and booths can be a pain and cause a huge loss on daily profit. That’s why we specialize in the restaurant space. We want to increase restaurants’ table count and add another design layer while keeping customers safe. Our patterns have specific designs for a restaurant’s environment, which is why our partitions are perfect for their space.

Custom Partitions Overview

Since restaurants are reopening slowly, our products can help speed up the process and the profitability of both. Our brandable and patterned office and restaurant partitions are the perfect addition for any type of space. Social distance in disguise with our highly customizable products.

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Want to Learn More?

We want you to learn more about how restaurants can flourish again with our partitions. Check out our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions.

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