Custom Plexiglass Partitions – Match Your Restaurant’s Aesthetics

Custom Plexiglass Partitions

Plexiglass partitions. Have you heard of them yet? They are becoming the gold standard for your restaurant to have. They keep staff safe. And they also keep customers safe. Most importantly, they keep your restaurant protected under the current safety measurements states are putting in place.  Our custom plexiglass partitions are some of the top protective barriers on the market. You can brand them with logos, brand names, and even patterns. This means you can keep your restaurant’s aesthetics while keeping everyone safe.

Disguise Social Distancing with Custom Plexiglass Partitions

Social distancing was never a term used until 2020. It became popular because keeping your distance from one another was one way to slow the spread of airborne germs. Fortunately, you will be able to disguise socially distanced tabled with our custom plexiglass partitions.

Some restaurants might have a difficult time adhering to social distancing their customers because of their table and booth set up. We understand that some seating arrangements will be unable to move or positioned in order to adjust to the six-foot rule. However, our partitions can be used in place of social distancing in most states. When you partner with Connect Partitions, you are guaranteed safe seating for your customers. It’s important to keep staff and customers divided in some sense. You will be able to achieve safety, protectiveness, and aesthetics all in one with our custom plexiglass partitions.

Quality Custom Designs

Connect Partitions offers quality branding and design to make reopening your restaurant that much easier. Our custom plexiglass partitions are sleek, carefully designed, and feature a look for any restaurant’s aesthetics.

Partnering with Connect Partitions will be the easiest choice of your life. We make sure our design, material, and overall look are sleek, yet durable to withstand any environment. We know restaurants can get rowdy. This is why our partitions are scratch-resistant and ultra-durable.  

Our partitions are a stylish way to stay connected while being divided. This is going to be the new normal for the restaurant industry for months to come.  When restaurants invest in Connect Partitions, they are making the change their restaurant, bar, or lounge areas need for the future. 

We also made sure to have quality designs and patterns for restaurants to pick out when they partner with us. We strived to make our restaurant partitions one of the most unique on the market, with the fact that they are highly customizable and brandable for restaurants across the nation. The options are limitless for your restaurant or business with Connect Partitions.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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