Custom Plexiglass Partitions – Reopen Your Restaurant in Style

custom plexiglass partitions

As restaurants are slowly reopening during the pandemic, there are precautions they must take to keep customers and staff protected at all costs. If it means investing in plexiglass partitions, that’s a start. But if you want to keep your restaurant looking up to date with your current atmosphere, our custom plexiglass partitions are the way to go. 

Custom Options

Everyone knows that partitions aren’t designed for restaurants. But Connect Partitions has a team of custom furniture designers that knows exactly what restaurants need during this time. It’s custom partitions. We offer personalized features that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. You will be able to add your restaurant’s brand name or even have your logo etched on to your partitions to give it a more finished look. 

Restaurants are crying for help right now and this is one more way we are listening to them. With our custom options, restaurants can reopen safely, efficiently, and most important stay aligned with their brand tone. 

Reopen With PPE in Disguise

As we mentioned before, our custom availability makes it that much easier to open your restaurant safely. By adding brand names and logos to our partitions, it’s one easy way to disguise the real reason behind plexiglass partitions and walls. 

By disguising our custom plexiglass partitions to look and feel like part of a restaurant it also gives their customers some peace of mind.

Meet Safety Protocol with Custom Plexiglass Partitions

Our custom plexiglass partitions are some of the best on the market. Not only are they made from commercial-grade plexiglass, but they’re thin and lightweight because of that. Offering the best protection for customers and staff, our freestanding plexiglass dividers can be spread out throughout a restaurant’s seating without limiting table space. That’s right. Don’t worry about socially distancing tables anymore. Although it may be part of your state’s guidelines to keep the indoor capacity at a limit, our partitions make it easier for the states where tables can be seated closer together. 

Our restaurant partitions offer easy mobility, easy cleaning, and easy protection while adhering to strict city or state protocol. Restaurants can easily increase their daily business with our free-standing plexiglass dividers. They offer the most protection for everyone, while their unobstructive build offers more than just a hygienic solution.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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