Custom Restaurant Barriers – Keep Your Aesthetics

custom restaurant barriers

Restaurants are starting to reopen across the nation at rapid speeds. As national guidelines are toning down, restaurants are taking advantage of the warm months ahead for outdoor seating alongside their indoor dining area. To allow for maximum seating, our custom restaurant barriers can help keep your restaurant profitable while keeping your aesthetics, too!

Personalization Options

Our custom restaurant barriers are highly customizable! We offer different ways in which you can personalize our products for your restaurant. This includes custom branding, logo design, and pre-selected patterns to choose from. 

We want your restaurant to continue serving customers and not serving looks. Connect Partitions understands what partitions can do to this type of space and environment. Because of that, we design and craft custom restaurant barriers a certain way. This allows them to adhere to most state guidelines protocol. But also our partitions allow you to reopen in style. You can make these partitions look as if they were part of your restaurant’s original aesthetics. 

Disguise Social Distancing

If you haven’t heard of social distancing, you sure have heard of it by now. 2020 was the year of social distancing and to be honest, we think it could stay in 2021. With our custom restaurant barriers, you will be able to disguise social distancing. Forget about keeping parties six feet apart anymore. Connect Partitions knows how many daily customers you might have lost out on when parties dining indoors needed to be socially distanced. 

We understand that some seating arrangements will be unable to move or positioned in order to adjust to the six-foot rule. This includes tables and booths that might have an attachment to a floor or wall. However, our partitions can be used in place of social distancing in most states across the nation. We guarantee safe seating for your customers. It’s important to keep staff and customers divided in some sense. You will be able to achieve safety, protectiveness, and aesthetics all in one with our custom restaurant barriers.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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