Dining With Plexiglass Barriers – What Restaurant Owners Should Know

plexiglass barriers

Plexiglass is something we see everywhere nowadays. It used to be only common at gas stations, banks, and a few other public places. But now that the pandemic has taken over, plexiglass barriers are seen everywhere. When you partner with Connect Partitions, you’ll realize just how important plexiglass barriers are to your restaurant. 

Plexiglass Barriers for All Surfaces

Our plexiglass barriers are made to fit virtually any surface in your restaurant. Our products fit tables, booths, banquettes, bar tops, and countertops. Most restaurants have chair and table seating, with booths being the second most common. That’s why we create restaurant partitions to fit some of the most common seating arrangements in a restaurant. 

Depending on where your restaurant is located, there might be strict rules and regulations revolving around indoor seating.  Connect Partitions has its headquarters in Massachusetts where plexiglass partitions may be used to increase your capacity.  This rule helps reduce socially distanced tables or booths that may have been blocked off at one point during the pandemic. 

Where bar tops and countertops are a common space in your restaurant, we also have partitions to fit those high-top areas. Although most restaurants aren’t allowing customers at bar and countertop spaces yet, it is allowed in a few areas around the nation. Bars can also seat people in some locations as long as they have safety protocols in place. In Massachusetts, bar seating can open to dine-in customers as long as they are six feet apart and have a plexiglass barrier in between parties.

We want to make sure your restaurant can open to just about full capacity. When you partner with us, you are partnering with a company that cares about your profitability just as much as the safety of your customers. 

Products Made to Last

We specially design our plexiglass barriers for the restaurant industry. This means they are extra durable to withstand tough conditions indoors and outdoors.

Handcrafted with durable wheels on the base, you can easily wheel our plexiglass barriers to separate parties within seconds. They are lightweight and transparent, making them the perfect safety measure for your tables, booths, and countertops.

Serve Your Customers Safely

Connect Partitions creates our products to keep people protected. That includes your customers and staff. We are constantly optimizing our products for the restaurant industry in these uncertain times.

When you partner with Connect Partitions, you are partnering with a company that cares about your customers. You will be able to continuously serve your customers at a higher capacity than before. Along with increased table count, you will also see a jump in your daily profitability!

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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