Divide Parties Easily with Custom Plexiglass Barriers for Restaurants

Custom Plexiglass Barriers for Restaurants

Our custom plexiglass barriers for restaurants are uniquely yours. What does that mean? You’ll be able to divide parties easily and in disguise. With highly praised custom design options, Connect Partitions knows how to keep customers safe while keeping them social in their once favorite environment. 

Leave Social Distancing in the Past

Have you been keeping six feet between tables and booths in your restaurant? You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Our custom plexiglass barriers are designed particularly for the restaurant space. This means that they meet most state safety guidelines in terms of height, thickness, and much more. 

You can easily place them between tables, booths, banquettes, and bar tops. Depending on the models, your restaurant can be fully protected in all dining sections. You can keep your tables at a safe distance with just our partitions in between them. But make sure to check with your local restaurant safety guidelines first. 

Transparency and Personalization is Vital

Our custom plexiglass barriers for restaurants are also transparent, lightweight, and can be personalized. This leaves your restaurant looking even better than it did without partitions. And while you serve customers with a new look, you can keep them protected from the spread of airborne germs, too! Doesn’t that sound like a home run during these trying times?

Since we craft our products out of the highest grade materials there are for restaurant partitions, they’re easy to communicate through while being social at the same time. If you’ve seen some restaurant’s safety equipment, you know how obstructive and distracting it can look.  Our custom plexiglass barriers blend into any type of ambiance, while also bringing positive attention to customers who come in contact with them. This is just another reason why Connect Partitions crafts products that are an easy, modern solution for restaurants.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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