Expand A Restaurant’s Capacity With Mobile Partitions

mobile partitions

In some states, like Massachusetts, the official guideline for businesses and restaurants informs us that social distancing is in fact necessary, but barriers, such as plexiglass partitions, can be used to increase your business’s capacity. Connect Partitions’ line of mobile partitions make reopening a breeze. 

Mobile Partitions Specifically for the Restaurant Industry

Connect Partitions makes our products specifically for the restaurant industry. We’ve seen restaurants shut their doors permanently after years in business and it breaks our hearts. We’ve designed our products to equal what social distancing does – keep customers and staff safe but at a closer distance. Connect Partitions’ main goal is to keep people safe, secure, and have peace of mind with our restaurant partitions.

We understand that restaurants have busy times and busy seasons depending on the location. New England is a very seasonal location for restaurants. This is why we want to make sure they keep their revenue flowing. There can also be restrictions put in place by your state mentioning that bars cannot serve guests due to space constraints.  Luckily, we specialize in bar and counter top partitions to save you from stress over losing more counter space. Although social distancing is still required at bar areas, even with bar top partitions, it’s one way to increase your restaurant’s table space instead of losing out completely on those high top bar areas.  Our partitions are one way to keep all of the nation’s restaurants’ doors open following the strict guidelines they have to endure. 

Follow Guidelines Starting With Our Partitions

These guidelines put in place by your state can also take place for the future months to come, and possibly into next year. As the nation is continuously treating this pandemic very seriously, Connect Partitions wants to assure restaurants and businesses that we have a solution to their problem – plexiglass partitions. 

One recommended guideline by particular states also suggests keeping windows and doors open to increase the chance of airflow and decrease the amount of germs with a restaurant’s space. By keeping windows open during your hours, airflow is able to circulate, keeping customers and staff less prone to catching anything. Connect Partitions strives to maximize restaurants’ capacities, which is why we make most of our products to accommodate indoor areas, as well as outdoor patio areas.

Outdoor Mobile Partition Options

Outdoor seating has seemed to gain popularity this summer thanks to the pandemic. Although most outdoor seating for restaurants can seem large in space, social distancing can still decrease your seating options. Connect Partitions adds a recent product to our product line for outdoor use. Our drink rail partitions are easy to set up and wheel around.  Connect them together to increase your outdoor seating chart. 

mobile partitions

Want to Learn More?

Connect Partitions wants you to know all there is about restaurant partitions. Read more about our Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions.

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