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With 50 states across the nation and many different government officials setting rules and boundaries for restaurants, it can be hard to keep up with the latest. The restaurant industry is constantly evolving around safety protocol, but we want to make it easy for you to reopen here in Massachusetts. We specialize here in one of the few New England states, but our safety partitions can go a long way in this environment.

Safety Partitions Made for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Our safety partitions follow many guidelines set in stone by government officials. With the pandemic picking back up and indoor seating being limited once again, our partitions can be placed in any environment to maximize your table count. 

Because outdoor seating at a restaurant might seem like the safest option at a restaurant, there are safety protocols you might overlook. Partitions are always an added safety measure to make your customers feel ultimately safe. Although airborne germs are easier to catch in an enclosed area, they’re still contractible outdoors. Our outdoor safety  partitions can help stop the spread of germs from table to table with ease. Our partitions stand at about six feet tall, with durable and thick plexiglass. Help make your outdoor dining area the safest it can be with our highly praised outdoor partitions.

Our indoor safety partitions are also able to fit about virtually any surface in your restaurant. From tables to booths, to even counter and bar tops, you can redesign your restaurant with our products in many ways. We want you to reopen with style and stay open efficiently and safely with our partitions. 

Take Advantage of Bar Seating for Dining Customers Only

For most of the nation, bars are closed to the public. In Massachusetts, there are guidelines to adhere to if you want to seat people at a bar area. Although you must remain at a six foot distance from one another, restaurants can benefit from our bar partitions. As long as you have a nonporous barrier, such as a plexiglass partition, between groups of people sitting six feet apart, bars can safely and efficiently reopen to dining customers. 

We design our bar partitions to easily wheel into position and separate one party from the next. Depending on the next group, our bar safety partitions can easily be rearranged within seconds. With their standard, durable wheels, and sleek, unobtrusive design, you won’t have to worry about your bar area being a headache to serve customers at. 

We design all of our countertop partitions to help not only customers feel safe, but your staff, too. We see staff crowding around countertop areas all the time. Being able to separate these areas with a countertop partitions can help with overcrowding and the efficiency and hygienic measures you’re trying to achieve. Restaurants might be slow to regain the trust of their customers on a daily basis, especially with germs being at higher risk in an enclosed area. But we try to design our products to benefit every area of your restaurant’s interior layout.

Read More About Massachusetts Guidelines

There are many other safety precautions your restaurant might want to take in regards to the coronavirus. With the checklist constantly being updated for restaurant owners, it’s easy to miss something. Make sure you never miss anything and check in with the Massachusetts website for the latest news for restaurants. 

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