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food truck partitions

Connect Partitions specializes in custom made partitions for many industries, but in particular, restaurants and food spaces. With the warmer weather right around the corner, food trucks are a fun summer adventure to indulge in in your local area. At Connect Partitions, we want to make sure you take the right safety precautions before putting your truck’s staff members and its long line of customers at risk. Learn more about our food truck plexiglass partitions below.

Give Your Customers Some Peace Of Mind With Plexiglass Partitions

Food trucks are going to be hit the hardest in the food industry due to their small size of the market and niche customer base. Connect Partitions wants to make reopening your business for the summer a breeze with our custom built food truck partitions.  

By keeping your ordering window protected and sanitized with our thin, yet durable, plexiglass partition, you can expect an easy transaction communicating and making a profit with your every day customers, all while staying safe and healthy.

Design Your Partition To Match Your Vibe

Most food trucks have a particular vibe that we don’t see that much in your average dining experience in a restaurant or small cafe. Our partitions are made to order! You can choose from a variety of already crafted patterns to fit your aesthetics, or you can even design your own with your logo or brand name.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to our food truck plexiglass partitions. Spice it up and add some flare to your partitions to make your customers feel more at ease when ordering through your window. It’s almost an illusion of a partition when it’s designed to look like part of your food truck already. 

Adapt Quickly to Change with Plexiglass Partitions

Partitions and dividers can seem like a thing of the past… until today. When you think of partitions, you usually imagine an office or a bank. But in today’s day and age, partition and room separators are now an item of the present and future. 

Connect Partitions designs its partitions to look sleek, elegant, and nothing like a usual partition at all. With all the designs and customizable options you can bring to your partition, it’s almost like a partition isn’t even between you and your customers. Our high grade plexiglass material, designs, patterns, and durability make adapting to the new rules and regulations of society much easier than you might have anticipated. 

Partitions, social distancing, and masks aren’t going to be around for just a few months, so make the change easy and quickly adaptable with our food truck partitions.

Good Investment For The Future

Our durable plexiglass partitions are also an item you can expect to see far into years to come. When you invest in our food truck partitions, you won’t just be using these for a few months, but rather far into the future. That’s what makes our partitions an investment your food truck won’t regret. 

With the new normal being more strange than what we hoped for, it makes life easier and safer with our food truck partitions. These will be a product you’ll find yourself using on, in, and around your food truck for a very long time. 


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