Free Standing Partitions – For Your Restaurant’s Dining & Patio Areas

free standing partitions

Restaurants around the nation are starting to open up to full capacity again. Is your restaurant one of them? Or is your restaurant one of the many that have limited seating still? Whatever the situation may be, just remember spring is here! That means outdoor seating is now an option again. Our free-standing partitions for your restaurant’s dining and patio areas are one of the greatest investments for your business right now! 

Utilize Them Anywhere

As an innovative partition company, we wanted to make sure our free-standing partitions could be used in any environment. Whether your restaurant relies heavily on outdoor seating or indoor seating, we have your back. We design our products from sturdy materials. These include commercial-grade plexiglass, powder-coated steel, and standard heavy-duty wheels and magnets. With that out in the open, our products can last you a lifetime with proper care.

We also make free-standing partitions that are designed for outdoor elements. Connect Partitions introduced partition walls with drink rails last year. These will be a great addition to breweries, outdoor patios, and other sections where people come to gather and enjoy their time at your restaurant outdoors. These are also a great solution to practice social distancing between parties, yet stay social while doing so. 

Easy To Install

As you may already know, partitions can be tricky to install. There are so many types on the market. How do you know how well they are built? Can you tell their dimensions from looking at them? Is the weight of each partition specified? 

We know that restaurants’ layouts are constantly evolving. This is why we let restaurants know just how easy our free-standing partitions are to install. Although they are superiorly built, they are also ultra-lightweight. Since they come standard with heavy-duty wheels on the steel frame, you can move them around with ease. Easily wheel our partitions between parties and move them around to separate other tables within minutes. Use them outdoors, as well. Because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant materials, they make great safety barriers on your patio, too!  

Now that you know just how strong and well-crafted our partitions are, it’s your turn to invest in a product that can last a lifetime!

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