Helping the Restaurant Industry Grow Through Plexiglass Partitions

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Connect Partitions mainly focuses on restaurants and how we can help the food industry in the long run. They one of the largest industries in the nation. But they also took one of the biggest hits with the recent coronavirus pandemic. Many small and local restaurants, bars, and cafes have shut their doors for good. We want to slow that trend and help the food industry grow far into the future with the help of our plexiglass partitions. 

At Connect Partitions, we take pride in our durable and long lasting partitions. They are hand crafted from commercial grade material that you’ll find your restaurant, bar, cafe, or lounge using far into the future. Our plexiglass partitions are meant to be a barrier to protect people in a sophisticated way. This might be hard to imagine, but plexiglass partitions are becoming a new norm that more and more restaurants are starting to take advantage of. The food industry, although recently reopened throughout the country, are still not at maximum capacity. Our plexiglass partitions make it easier for restaurants to reopen and grow with their versatile functions and uses, while making social distancing a little less hard. 

Plexiglass Partitions Designed for Restaurants

Although our partitions are designed for more than just restaurants, including offices and hotels to name a few, Connect Partitions makes it products for the struggling reopening food industry.

Connect Partitions is more than just a company with products. We are a team made up of many craftsmen and women that understand the struggle of reopening a restaurant. Complying with the rules and regulations of social distancing can be a struggle. Instead of losing out on tables and customers by spreading your restaurant’s dining space 6 feet apart from one another, you can take advantage of our restaurant partitions. Custom built, and modernly designed, invest in our plexiglass partitions to help regain your restaurant’s business through the roof, and keep your customers happy, healthy, and most importantly, safe.  

Our plexiglass restaurant partitions are also transparent, which makes socializing in a restaurant or bar area much easier.  Normal partitions are usually darker in colors (typically black), bulky, heavy, and aren’t suitable for a restaurant space. Connect Partitions designed our restaurant partitions to be light weight and magnetic for ease of use, transparent for customer’s minds at ease and socializing, and customizable for restaurant branding.  

Maintain A Healthy Amount Of Daily Customers

New guidelines can make it difficult to open at full capacity for a while, looking into the future. Connect Partitions makes our partitions to make that part easier. Although social distancing rules will remain in place and can limit the amount of customers in your restaurant at one time, our partitions can help ease the spread of germs that you may come into contact with daily. 

Our partitions make it easier to serve customers quickly compared to other bulky and obstructive partitions on the market.  With this benefit, you can grow your restaurant back to its full capacity by having customers in and out. Our plexiglass partitions make it no different to serve a restaurant’s customers, so when you invest in us, we make sure you can grow to a healthy amount of daily customers in no time.

Depending on what state your restaurant is in, plexiglass partitions can be the solution to your problem.  Many in the restaurant industry are struggling due to confined spaces and no outdoor dining options to resume their business, but our plexiglass partitions make indoor and outdoor dining options possible.  

Versatile Partitions That Fit Any Space

Don’t just limit your restaurant to reopening the dining area. You could be opening your bar area and outdoor dining area, as well. Our plexiglass partitions make it possible to adhere to the government’s strict food and health guidelines. While growing your business at the same time. Our partitions fit bar and bar tops, booths and benches, tables, and even counter tops. There are no limitations with our products that can hinder the growth of your restaurant. Learn more in our other educational read that can help you determine your restaurant’s new growth in 10 Things You Must Know About Restaurant Partitions.

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