How Indoor Dining Dividers Can Keep Customers Protected

indoor dining dividers

Although it’s that time of year again where customers would rather eat outdoors, it’s just as important to keep your indoor dining safe, too. Our indoor dining dividers can keep customers protected in a vulnerable and enclosed environment. Restaurants have made major strides since this time last year, but Connect Partitions wants restaurants across the nation to take advantage of our partitions to ensure diners are in a safe place while eating out.

Heavy Duty Structure

We craft our indoor dining dividers from especially durable materials. This includes commercial-grade acrylic as the dividing wall section, powder-coated black steel as the frame, and caster wheels on the base. All of these materials work together to create a durable and long-lasting partition wall that can serve and protect customers far into the future. 

We also coat them in an AR MR coating. One coat is anti-reflective, while the other works as a flash mirror coating. These work together to improve durability against sun damage and prevent all types of scratches. You might be wondering how they can become scratched so easily? This is because you are using harsh cleaning chemicals, such as bleach, that can cause damage. But our indoor dining dividers can withstand the harshest cleaning procedures on a day-to-day basis.  Don’t worry about any dings, dents, scratches, or damage with our durably built partitions. 

Use Indoor Dining Dividers with Tables, Booths, Banquettes, & Countertops

Our indoor dining dividers can work with any type of surface within your restaurant. Tables and booths being among the most popular seating in restaurants. But we still extend our products to fit banquettes, bar tops, and countertops, too.  

This makes it easy to divide your restaurant in a safe and effective manner while adhering to social distancing guidelines that still may be required in your area. We want to offer you these partitions as a sense of privacy, a sense of safety, and a sense of comfort for your customers. With these indoor dining dividers in place, you can expect to generate a healthier amount of customers on a daily basis!

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