How Investing in Plexiglass Barriers Can Save Your Restaurant

Plexiglass Barriers

Restaurants around the nation took a hit when the coronavirus made its mark here. Restaurants are still continuing to tumble downhill as the pandemic lingers around as the colder months have arrived here. Here in New England, where Connect Partitions specializes, we want to make a statement to restaurants with our highly durable and useful plexiglass barriers. 

Investment for Customers

Connect Partitions and its’ custom furniture designers took into consideration the safety of customers. Our plexiglass dividers don’ t just follow safety protocol put in place by city or state officials. They are meant for much more than that. We want to make sure customers feel safe in a very vulnerable setting – restaurants. Masks are most likely not required while seated at a restaurant table or booth, which is why it’s important to invest in a product that will help decrease the spread of germs – our plexiglass barriers. Connect Partitions strives to make customers feel safe and protected, yet not remind them of the intense safety protocol. That’s why we’ve designed our plexiglass partitions to give off an unobtrusive look with our multiple patterns and custom branding options. Our durable safety products are the perfect, yet needed, addition for any restaurant across the nation.

Investment for Employees

When restaurants invest in our plexiglass barriers for tables, booths, bar and counter tops, and even banquettes, they’re also making an investment for all their staff. Connect Partitions value employees’ safety  just as much as anyone else.

Staff are put at risk every shift, even more so than customers. With strangers entering and exiting at a high rate, now that restaurants are reopening across the nation, unexpected germs can also enter with them. We understand that staff needs more protection than ever right now, which is why our plexiglass barriers are an important investment for restaurants. 

Plexiglass Barriers are an Investment for the Future

Our partitions are an investment that restaurants around the United States won’t regret.  We craft our plexiglass barriers to be more than just a barrier between customers and employees. They are made to last far past the pandemic. We designed them to look and feel like part of a restaurant’s current aesthetic. We understand that plexiglass barriers can seem obtrusive. They can even destroy the layout of restaurants’ indoor seating arrangement. Ours are lightweight, easy to move, and give a layer of design you wouldn’t expect from restaurant dividers. 

Overall, our plexiglass barriers are not only an investment for the time being. Expect to see them far into the future. Imagine safety for both customers and employees, while adding an extra layer of design to restaurants’ environments. We love helping restaurants! This is just one way we do so. 

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