How Our Restaurant Partitions Can Fit Any Surface in Your Business

restaurant partitions fit any surface

Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants. They’re reopening left and right now! Although there is a steady increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, our restaurant partitions can highly benefit your business. 

Fit To Tables

Most restaurants have chair and table seating. That’s why we create restaurant partitions to fit one of the most common seating arrangements in a restaurant. Depending where your restaurant is located, there might be strict rules and regulations revolving around indoor seating. In Massachusetts, where we specialize, plexiglass partitions of a certain height may be used to increase your table count. This helps reduce socially distanced tables or tables that might have been blocked off at one point during the pandemic. 

We want to make sure table space can open to just about full capacity. When you partner with us, you are partnering with a company that cares about your profitability just as much as the safety of your customers. 

Fit To Booths

We also designed restaurant partitions to fit around booths and banquettes. They’re one a kind for the restaurant space. Since booths are most commonly in a back to back position within a dining area, it can be a huge loss on profit and capacity for booth and banquette seating.

Fortunately, our products can fit those areas, as well.  Our booth partitions and banquette partitions are designed to increase your customer count in those areas of your restaurant. Not only are they one of the best safety measures your restaurant can take, but they are easy to install. Booths and banquettes can be a difficult area to install hygiene protocol in or around. Our restaurant partitions are lightweight and easy to move around those types of areas. This makes reopening more booth space easier than ever.

Our Restaurant Partitions even Fit Counter and Bar Tops

Although most spots around the nation aren’t allowing customers at bar and countertop spaces yet, it is allowed in a select few areas around the United States. Bars can also seat people in some locations as long as they have safety protocol in place. In Massachusetts, bar seating can open to dine in customers as long as they are six feet apart and have a plexiglass barrier in between parties.

Our restaurant partitions can fit in these areas as well! Handcrafted with durable wheels on the base, you can easily wheel in our restaurant partitions to separate parties at the bar within seconds. They are lightweight and transparent, making it the perfect safety measure for your counter or bar top.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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