How Our Restaurant Partitions Are A Quick Solution For Restaurant Protocol

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In today’s world, there is a lot of uncertainty. Businesses across the world are going bankrupt and are forced to close. Restaurants took the hardest hit, knowing they were the ones to serve people in the most vulnerable type of environment. We want you to know our restaurant partitions are a quick solution for your restaurant to reopen safely and efficiently. 

Keep Your Employees Safer

When restaurants invest in our restaurant partitions for tables, booths, bar and counter tops, and even banquettes, they’re also making an investment for all their staff. Connect Partitions value employees’ safety just as much as anyone else.

At Connect Partitions, we know the dangers staff are always going to face. They don’t know if a customer coming is contagious or ill.  Staff are put at risk every shift, even more so than customers. With strangers entering and exiting at a high rate, now that restaurants are reopening across the nation, unexpected germs can also enter with them. We understand that staff needs more protection than ever right now, which is why our partitions are an important investment for restaurants. 

Restaurant Partitions that Meet Safety Guidelines

Our restaurant partitions are some of the best free standing plexiglass dividers on the market. Not only are they commercial grade plexiglass.  But they’re thin and lightweight because of that. Offering the best protection for customers and staff, our free standing plexiglass dividers can be spread out throughout a restaurant’s seating without limiting table space. 

Our restaurant partitions offer easy mobility, easy cleaning, and easy protection, while adhering to strict city or state protocol. Restaurants can easily increase their daily business with our free standing plexiglass dividers. They offer the most protection for everyone, while their unobstructive build offers more than just a hygienic solution. 

Transparency Makes Customers Feel Comfortable

Connect Partitions handcrafts its line of restaurant partitions very particularly. Being the transparent and high grade acrylic they are, they’re easy to communicate through and see around in any type of restaurant environment. Our acrylic partitions blend in to any type of ambiance, while also bringing positive attention to customers who come in contact with them. This is just another reason why our restaurant partitions are an easy, modern solution for restaurants. But they are also a solution for safety.

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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