How Restaurant Partitions are Helping Restaurants Across New England

new england restaurant partitions

With winter in full effect, outdoor dining is very limited. Although fire pits, fireplaces, and heat lamps are a good source of heat, it’s not enough to battle the forces of New England weather. Our restaurant partitions can save your restaurant and make indoor dining feel normal again.

We Help Restaurants Across New England

From small cafes to large restaurants, our partitions have helped many restaurants reopen their doors again.  Not only are restaurants’ outdoor seating becoming impractical this time of year, but people are starting to become more comfortable eating indoors. With the pandemic being far from over, we want to help more and more restaurants across New England reopen to their customers safely and efficiently. 

We offer restaurant partitions for many types of areas within your restaurant. From bar top and countertop partitions to booth and banquette partitions, there is no obstacle for your indoor seating arrangement when you partner with Connect Partitions. 

Bench, Booth & Banquette Restaurant Partitions

Your customers and staff can now maintain social distancing in an effective, adaptable way. We want everyone to have peace of mind when they are seated at your restaurant indoors. We create our bench, booth, and banquette partitions with a design-forward look that also brings sophistication to your restaurant. 

This type of seating may seem like the most difficult to cater to during such a difficult and different time, but we make it easy. Our partitions are lightweight, easy to move, and it’s the best way to keep your restaurant up and running. 

We also don’t want your restaurant feeling like it’s full of safety protocol. That’s why we’ve designed our partitions out of commercial-grade plexiglass for 100% visibility between parties. Make dining out again normal with our bench, booth, and banquette restaurant partitions. 

Bar and Countertop Restaurant Partitions

Our bar top partitions and countertop partitions are one way to get even more customers in your door. Some states around the nation do not allow bar seating at all, but there are a select few that allow seating at a bar area as long as the customers sit and dine in. In Massachusetts, this is just one way that restaurant managers and owners are taking advantage of all the seating in their indoor area. Although six feet is still a requirement in between parties at a bar or countertop, our restaurant partitions make it that much safer and protective for customers and staff. 

Before investing in our partitions, please check your updated state or city’s restaurant guidelines to ensure they meet standard protocol.


New England took a massive hit from the pandemic. Our partitions make it that much easier for businesses to reopen safely and efficiently. We are striving to partner with every restaurant in New England to keep customers safe and restaurant owners profitable during these difficult times.

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