How To Utilize Plexiglass PPE In Your Restaurant Correctly

plexiglass ppe for restaurants

We live in a time when personal protective equipment is seen everywhere. From masks to gloves to plexiglass barriers to hand sanitizer, PPE seems like a new norm in society. 

If you own a restaurant, you know all about PPE and how important it is for your staff and incoming customers. We want you to know just how important it is to correctly utilize personal protective equipment in your restaurant. Our plexiglass PPE barriers are just one of the products you should invest in to keep your doors open to patrons. 

Reopen with Confidence

Plexiglass PPE is one of the most important products you could invest in right now for your restaurant. Connect Partitions handcrafts our products particularly for restaurants because we know how much they are in need right now. We have seen too many dining facilities close their doors permanently due to not following their state’s safety protocol properly. 

Our plexiglass PPE makes it easy for you to reopen. And reopen with confidence at that. Our products are lightweight, easy to maneuver around your dining room, and easy to clean and sanitize throughout the day.  

We also coat our products with an AR MR coating, which basically makes them environmentally resistant. They are able to withstand just about any type of condition your restaurant comes across. From children touching them to airborne germs to smudges and fingerprints, you don’t have to worry. You can clean our plexiglass PPE barriers with the harshest of chemicals, such as bleach.  Our products will not rust or scratch because they are made from commercial grade materials. 

Reopen Safely

As we mentioned above, our plexiglass PPE barriers make it easy for your restaurant to reopen with confidence. You can also reopen safely because of how we craft our products. We have a team of custom furniture designers that make it easy for you to reopen under the strict protocol you have to adhere by.  We know our products have to be solid, durable, and lightweight for the food industry which is exactly what we designed. Now you can reopen safely and not have to worry about being shut down by your city or state. 

plexiglass shields are the future for restaurants

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